Malaysian wins the internet with accident survivor story

We may be known for our lepak culture, but Malaysians are without a doubt a hardworking bunch. The Movement Control Order has only brought stories such as this cancer-survivor aunty selling RM1 nasi lemak and this woman who worked as a delivery rider further to light, showing just how inspiring we can be even in tough times like this.

Another story of inspiring Malaysians is this one of a young Malaysian man in Melaka who survived a motorcycle accident and brain injury when he was 18 years old. He was seen working hard at a Petronas petrol station by a fellow Malaysian, who praised his positive attitude and determination to recover from the accident.

An accident survivor determined to live a full life

The story was shared on Facebook by netizen Wong Fook Meng, a lawyer based in Melaka, on 7th September 2020. According to him, he dropped by a Petronas station after a court trial when he bumped into the friendly young man who was working as a pump attendant.

He shared that the young man, named Ahmad Ridhwan Mohamed, had first struck up conversation with him, and proceeded to share his story after Wong asked him how long he had been working at the Petronas station for.

As many of us have been taking up jobs and side hustles to stay afloat during the MCO, it’s no surprise that Ridhwan had taken up being a pump attendant only a week ago too.

Malaysian teen inspires the internet with survivor story
Image credit: Wong Fook Meng

And those who drive will know that a pump attendant’s job is not an easy one. It requires long hours of standing in our hot and humid weather, waiting for drivers to swing by so they can rush over to help them out. But Ridhwan didn’t shun the job.

What’s even more inspiring is that he had survived an almost-fatal motorcycle accident involving a trailer car when he was just 18 years old. After the accident, he suffered from a brain injury and was in a coma for half a year. According to Malay Mail, Ridhwan spent four years recuperating after waking up from the coma. It was only recently that he started looking for jobs.

Even though he is still recovering from his injuries, he is trying to get back to living his life as it was before the accident. He told Wong that his determination, can-do attitude and joyful spirit also help him in this journey.

Netizens inspired by accident survivor story

Netizens were quick to flood Wong’s Facebook post with comments expressing how inspiring and beautiful the young man’s story was, with many also sending well wishes to him.

Malaysian teen inspires the internet with survivor story
Netizens pour out well wishes for the young man on Wong’s Facebook post
Image credit: Wong Fook Meng

Many also thanked Wong for sharing the young man’s story as it helped add a little spark of joy to their day, including Monica Hiew-Yong, who commented, “Thanks for sharing. May God bless him with speedy recovery.”

Malaysian teen inspires the internet with survivor story
Image adapted from: Monica Hiew-Yong

Other netizens said the post evoked feelings of patriotism in them, with Viknes Waran commenting, “This is why I love my country and my people. Truly an inspiring story!! Get well soon brother, may God bless you. Take care.”

Malaysian teen inspires the internet with survivor story
Image adapted from: Viknes Waran 

Pump attendant at Petronas wins over the internet with brave story

We are always floored by stories of brave and courageous Malaysians all around us – especially with Malaysia Day just around the corner reminding us of the feats of Malaysia and Malaysians. This young man who survived a motorcycle accident that put him in a coma, but continues to push forward so he can live a full life again is yet another addition to a long list of heartwarming Malaysian stories.

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Cover image adapted from: Petronas Lambir Morsjaya Page & Wong Fook Meng 

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