Starbucks Korea 2021 summer collection

Starbucks Korea is releasing collection after collection this summer, and we aren’t complaining. On 20th July, the coffeehouse chain launched its third summer collection in Korea. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 summer collection features merchandise with dreamy designs reminiscent of a beautiful summer night. Read on to find out more about the items in the collection.

Includes tumblers, a bag & a neck cushion 

starbucks korea 2021 summer - 3rd collection
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The third summer collection follows a blue and pastel pink theme. 

starbucks korea 2021 summer - 3rd collection
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The cold cups come in different shades of blue, and in varying sizes and designs. Some cold cups have constellations on them, and others come in solid pastel blues or a pretty gradient. 

Prices of the cold cups range from KRW21,000 (~USD18.25) to KRW39,000 (~USD33.90).

starbucks korea 2021 summer - tumbler
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The tumblers in this collection come in blue and pink versions, and prices range from KRW31,000 (~USD26.95) to KRW53,000 (~USD46.05).

starbucks korea 2021 summer - cup
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If you prefer hot drinks to cold ones, you can opt to get the portable silicon cups instead. There are 2 different cups – one in pink and one in white. 

The white cup has a circular constellation logo emblazoned on it, and it comes with a straw set. The cup also has a keychain attached to the top, which allows you to carry it around conveniently. This cup and straw set costs KRW19,000 (~USD16.50).

starbucks korea 2021 summer - cups
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If you’re looking for pretty cups, consider getting the ones in this collection. There are 2 different cups with different capacities – one can hold 335ml (KRW23,000, ~USD20.00) and the other can hold 473ml (KRW25,000, ~USD21.70). Both cups have a beautiful iridescent base.

starbucks korea 2021 summer - pitcher
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This collection even includes a pitcher. The design on the pitcher resembles the milky way, but because it’s white in colour, the design won’t be visible until you fill it with a dark liquid. In a way, it evokes the way stars only appear come nightfall. 

The pitcher has a capacity of 1000ml and costs KRW27,000 (~USD23.45). It will be a perfect addition to your kitchen, and it will be particularly useful when you have guests over. 

starbucks korea 2021 summer - mug
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You can consider getting matching glass mugs as well. One mug costs KRW18,000 (~USD15.65).

starbucks korea 2021 summer - special items
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Usually, each Starbucks Korea collection comes with a few special items besides the usual cold cups and tumblers. This time, the summer collection includes a neck pillow (KRW15,000, ~USD13.05), pouch set (KRW13,000, ~USD11.30), beach towel (KRW15,000, ~USD13.05), and bag (KRW19,000, ~USD16.50)

Available from 20th July onwards

Unfortunately, Starbucks Korea’s 2021 summer collection is only available in-store. 

If you’re living outside of Korea, you can engage a concierge service or ask a friend in Korea to help you buy the merchandise. 

Starbucks Korea’s 2021 summer collection features ethereal designs

Starbucks Korea ups their game with each new collection, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us when it’s time for the next launch.

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