Gojek’s GoToko app helps warung owners

Running a warung can be more complicated than it looks. Most owners of these independent convenience stores often have their hands full trying to balance between keeping ample stock ready and catering to their customers.

To help small business owners, Gojek has recently launched the GoToko app for them.

GoToko helps warung owners with their businesses 

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Warungs can be found practically anywhere and everywhere, and most have quite loyal clientele who live or work nearby. However, making sure that customers have access to a variety of products can be quite challenging – not to mention ensuring that already existing products don’t run out.

GoToko, Inovasi utuk Ritel yang Kurang Terlayani
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GoToko, Inovasi utuk Ritel yang Kurang Terlayani

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By ordering items on the GoToko app, shop owners can have better access to a diverse range of brands that they can stock up on without having to leave their warung. Their orders will arrive 24 hours after they’ve been placed.

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In short, warung owners no longer need to worry about losing customers because they have to close the store from time to time to pick up their products. They can instead focus on helping their customers find what they need. This isn’t only great news for owners, but also for those of us who depend on warungs for daily needs or emergency necessities such as medicine or baby formula.

Download the GoToko app on the Google Play Store

Gotoko app for Android
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The GoToko app is available on the Google Play Store, and warung owners simply need to register for an account to start ordering items. 

Through the app, owners can track their orders, get info on the latest trending products, and stay up-to-date on their expenses. On top of that, there are also loyalty programs on offer.

GoToko app supports small business owners 

Warungs have always been an essential part of communities in Indonesia – long before modern chain convenience stores started popping up – so it’s crucial that they get more support to stay afloat, especially during these difficult times. 

This is what the GoToko app aims to do with their app that helps store owners stay on top of everything.

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