Indonesian designer creates face shields for COVID-19 frontliners

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, overworked healthcare workers are among the most at risk. The limited availability of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) further increases their vulnerability even more, and has become a major concern in this global crisis.

But desperate times can inspire innovation – from transparent face masks to simple yet durable face shields. One Indonesian designer has taken on the challenge to create a Flatpack Faceshield that uses just a single plastic sheet, and can be manufactured and sent to health workers quickly. 

Designer creates the “Flatpack Faceshield”

Designer wears Flatpack Faceshield at various stages of the design process
Image adapted from: @localinteriorbureau

Concerned by the shortage of PPE, designer Dhanistha Dyaksa of Local Interior Bureau decided to take matters into his own hands and came up with the Flatpack Faceshield.

A paper model of the face shield in the early stage of prototyping
A paper model of the face shield in the early stage of prototyping
Image credit: @libshield

Taking part in his alma mater’s community service program, he developed a face shield that only requires a single sheet of 0.3MM polycarbonate plastic and an elastic band to create.


Flatpack Faceshield instruction manual
Flatpack Faceshield instruction manual
Image credit: @dhanista_dyaksa

The Flatpack Faceshield isn’t only cost-effective, but it also cuts production time, which means that medical workers will be able to receive their face shields in a shorter time. Approximately 500 units have already been donated to healthcare facilities across Indonesia.

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Instruction video
Video credit: Dhanista Dyaksa

You can watch the video on how to assemble the Flatpack Faceshield which was uploaded on YouTube by the designer himself.

Indonesian designer creates COVID-19 face shields

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia continues to rise, and as the extended self-quarantine period starts to take an emotional and psychological toll on a lot of people, it is easy to slip into hopelessness. 

However, seeing that creativity and community care can still blossom amid a pandemic, such as in the form of a simple but effective healthcare invention, is sure to boost spirits. 

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Cover image adapted from: @dhanistha_dyaksa

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