Asian Food Network website now available in Bahasa Indonesia

Ever since the Asian Food Network (AFN) collaborated with local celebrity chefs Yuda Bustara and Rinrin Marinka and airing their own respective cooking shows, they’ve been a regular source of inspiration for aspiring Indonesian home chefs.

Now, they’ve made another huge grab for our attention as the AFN website has just launched in Bahasa Indonesia. For those of you made impromptu home cooks thanks to the PSBB order in Indonesia, your search for dinner inspiration has just been made easier.

Authentic Asian recipes now in English, Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia


asian food network recipes in bahasa indonesia

Recipes on the Asian Food Network website
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Asian Food Network

The main draw is of course the hundreds of authentic Asian recipes available on the website, curated by the network and now available to Indonesians in our native language. From the classic Ayam Penyet to Salted Egg Kale Chips that’s a spin on the salted egg trend, Indonesian home cooks no longer need to resort to Googling obscure cooking terms when it’s time to whip up a meal.

With easy-to-follow recipes, the website launch allows foodies to enjoy gourmet food in their own dining rooms. Seeing as there’s still not much improvement with the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia, us foodies can still satisfy our palates while doing our part in the good fight.

one pot kimchi mac and cheese
Sarah Benjamin’s One-Pot Kimchi Mac and Cheese
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Asian Food Network

For regular home cooks like us wishing to expand our palate, the website also hosts several interesting original creations from Asian celebrity chefs. Of particular note is Singaporean Sarah Benjamin’s Asian twist on a classic American comfort food, the One-Pot Kimchi Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, a traditionally simple dish that even kitchen novices should have little problem with.

For those feeling nostalgic after klepon went viral on Indonesian social media last week, the AFN website also has a recipe for the traditional snack. This recipe uses ingredients readily available from Indonesian supermarkets and only takes around 15 minutes to whip up.

Food preparation guides for those new to the kitchen

asian food network food prep video guide
Prawn prep video guide
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Asian Food Network

Following a recipe is one thing, but food prep is a basic skill that many recipes out there assume we know. But nobody’s born knowing how to peel a prawn or carve a chicken and for those still lacking the basic culinary skills, the food prep video guides on the website warrants a visit.

As the Indonesian-language website has just recently launched, the captioning in the video is still regrettably only available in English. The language used in the videos is simple enough to understand but we look forward to Indonesian subtitles soon.

Growing amount of localized cooking content for Indonesians

We may be allowed to leave the house in this transitional PSBB period, but it’s a good idea to cook at home more often and use this as an opportunity to master recipes such as the Rujak Soto fusion and street food hero Cimol with the help of this food network. 

All the better now that we Indonesian home cooks have easy access to AFN’s database of hundreds of authentic Asian recipes. It can be hard trying to follow a recipe in a language not everyone is perfectly fluent in, so we’re glad that AFN has made cooking far more accessible with their Indonesian website.

For more help to sustain yourself during COVID-19:

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