Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory Phuket Is A Neon-Lit Bar With Alcoholic Shooters That Remind Us Of Tron Movies

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Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory Phuket

With nightlife gradually returning to its former glory, this writer is starting to plan out her Fridays and Saturdays for the month. After perusing through popular options, specialty beer halls and pub crawls have become just a tad repetitive.

That is why I got so excited when I first heard about Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory. Here, plans for a 30-minute drink will have you staying for up to three hours as their resident bartenders – better known as “mixologists” – work hard to wow and impress you with their mind-blowing concoctions.

If you’re ready for to take a couple shots and be transported into one of the Tron Movies, make sure your phones are charged as you read on to find out more about this one-of-a-kind bar. You’ll probably want them with you as you pop by for a visit.

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Watch & record as they re-create drinks off the menu, right before your eyes

Some have described their experience here as a “magic show” and others as “pure art”. With their extensive menu of drinks with names like “Hannibal” and “Parallel Universe”, visitors are often blown away by how much detail and thought is put into the creation of such concoctions.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - Bartender working shotImage credit: Take Off BKK

Using a deadly combination of science, creativity and passion for all things alcohol and fun, the mixologists at Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory outdo themselves with their creations.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - HannibalImage credit: @beajib

Every shot comes with a burst of colour and gravitas. Watch in awe as droplets of fluorescent (& thankfully, edible) colour dance and bounce off each other within a tiny shot glass.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - Parallel UniverseImage credit:@z1mplex

Now that you’ve seen how the drinks look, I’m sure you’re left wondering about the taste.

The shots taste just as ‘out of this world’ as they look

I gotta admit that when I first saw the pictures, I was skeptical. I imagined myself as someone drinking it for the first time and I’m sure I wouldn’t help but think, “Oh dear, I’m drinking paint.” I mean, just take a look at this shot.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - TechnicolorImage credit: @z1mplex

However, as most of the reviews would have it, visitors have claimed the shots to be so, so yummy. Some have also described them to taste like a well-made Negroni or gin shot – just with a whole lot of twist and a visual boost.

Get transported into a whole new world

Speaking of visual boosts, the interior of the space completely elevates the experience at the bar.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - ExteriorImage credit: Take Off BKK

While Z1mplex has absolutely nailed the sterile science lab aesthetic, I personally loved the added layer of mystery that the neon lights give to the place. Despite its mysterious ambience, the place serves some lively and energetic techno, playing at a comfortable volume.

So, for those quirky ones out there, Z1mplex definitely makes for a creative date idea. Even if there are barely any similarities between the two of you, you’ll at least have a really, really cool drink you both can talk about.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - Interior Bartender at WorkImage credits: @z1mplex

Z1mplex’s ambience, doubled with how personable and entertaining the bartenders were, offers an odd sense of comfort and intimacy set within its dystopian walls.

For a bar that checks all the boxes for a wonderful experience, it is definitely no surprise that visitors feel like we have to return for another visit.

Getting to Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory - BartendersImage credit: Phuket.net

If you’re looking to diversify your Phuket nightlife experience, perhaps you could take a break from the beach clubs here.

While it might be a little further East on the island, this bar will certainly make your top 10 experiences in Phuket.

Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory
Address: 156, 48 Phangnga Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Opening Hours:
7PM – 11PM, Tues-Sun (Closed every Monday)
Z1mplex Mixology Laboratory
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Cover images adapted from: @z1mplex , Take Off BKK, Take Off BKK.

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