Yud Wela Cafe in Nan, Thailand

Most of us have had dreams to one day set foot on the grassy lands in Switzerland or Austria, especially after watching The Sound of Music. However, we’re also aware that it isn’t quite easy to do, as it requires lots of time and money.

Instead, an affordable or more realistic version of the trip could entail finding alternative places that resemble Switzerland near us. Places that are more easily accessible and won’t require us to break the bank for the trip.

Thankfully, Yud Wela Cafe in Nan, Thailand lets you take your brunch amidst enormous green mountains that will remind you of Switzerland without having to fly halfway across Europe. Here’s what the eatery is most known for and how to get 10/10 travel pics to immortalise your trip on your feed.

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A small cafe among overlapping green hills

Image credit: @saly.talonpaitour

Situated on high ground, Yud Wela Cafe – which means “Stop The Time” in Thai – overlooks large verdant fields sandwiched between clusters of small traditional cottages.

Image credit: @saisstory

Beyond this vast open field where guests can take their meal, look out for this wooden balcony bar table on the other side where you can expect a clear view of the overlapping green hills.

After you pick up a drink, walk straight to this seating and we’re sure you’ll get near perfect photos of the scenery.

Image credit: @saisstory

As the al fresco area is pretty vast, keep exploring the premises to find more spots for Tik Tok videos to give your followers FOMO, or y’know, pretend you’re somewhere in Europe.

But before doing that, why don’t you go order a drink at their wooden bar to complement the vibes?

Iced green tea and coconut desserts from ฿70

Image credit: @tony_rimnim

Prices are pretty affordable at this cafe in Nan, but if you’re undecided we’ll recommend a classic Iced Green Tea,  ฿80 (~USD2) which matches the landscape, pardon the pun. FYI, all hot drinks cost ฿70 (~USD2.1) and ฿80 (~USD2.4) for iced items. So we’d recommend opting for one that suits your mood at the time.

For desserts, we’d get a slice of their signature Coconut Cake ฿85 (~USD2.5) to with desiccated coconut toppings sprinkled on top. A pro-tip will be to pair it with a cuppa iced Americano to reduce the sweetness.

Getting to Yud Wela Cafe in Nan, Thailand

In any case, if you’re planning a getaway to Nan, know that a little slice of Switzerland won’t exactly be out of your reach, at affordable prices too.

Your friends will be none the wiser even if you pretend to be in Europe without digging your passport and shelling out money for a pricey ticket via Swiss Air. For only your closest circle of chingus, however, you can share this little secret with them, if their curiousity is piqued.

Yud Wela Cafe
Address: 50 Ban Sapan, Dong Phaya, Bo Kluea District, Nan 55220
Opening Hours:
6.30AM – 6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 5532 2532
Yud Wela’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @yudwelacafe2020, @kochamelon, @patt_nisarat

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