Social distance mascots at Yoyoland


Images adapted from: The Standard

Yoyoland is an indoor amusement park in Seacon Square Srinakarin shopping mall in Bangkok that has come up with a brilliant idea to ensure everyone’s safety during the pandemic.

The park’s employees are dressed in animal mascots and occupy a row between kids on selected rides to keep a safe distance between everyone, while adding some fun to the place.  

Furthermore, all mascots wear giant face masks on their face to encourage visitors to keep their masks on.

Strict health measures implemented

Yoyoland amusement park

Big Xs on seats to keep children away from one another
Image credit: The Standard

Besides social distancing, Yoyoland has also set up a body temperature checkpoint at the entrance to make sure no visitors are sick. Everyone who enters the park must wear face masks as well. 

All are also required to write down their full names and phone numbers so that authorities can easily inform them if there’s a new infection from the area. 

cleaning a ride

Frequently touched areas are cleaned every 30 minutes
Image credit: The Standard

Major amusement parks reopen

dream world

Dream World
Image credit: Dream World

Thailand’s beloved amusement and water park Siam Amazing has already reopened on 15th June 2020.

Dream World, another famous park, is set to open its doors again on 27th June 2020. 

Both places will also follow the government’s safety guidelines to prevent possible infections in the future.

It’s good to see many amusement parks reopening so the children can have some fun after months of being indoors.

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