Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok

From now till 25th October 2020, many Thais, especially Thai-Chinese people, celebrate Gin Jay Vegetarian Festival and eat only meat-free food to raise awareness of the benefits of going vegetarian.

One of the best locations to enjoy vegetarian dishes in Bangkok is along Yaowarat Road, commonly known as Bangkok Chinatown, which is known for its plethora of street food options. Most of the street stalls will be selling meatless dishes during this time. 

Over 130 stalls taking part

Vegetarian Festival at Yaowarat

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Yaowarat Road is packed with street food stalls, and there are many more popping up during the Vegetarian Festival or Thais call Gin Jay (which translates to ‘eating meatless food’).

The road is decorated with yellow banners and flags with a red message, letting foodies know that the gin jay festival has begun. 

Vegetarian Festival at Yaowarat

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Most of the dishes are cooked using mushrooms, vegetables, beans, tofu, and soybean products. There is no meat, but we can assure you that the taste is still just as delicious. 

Vegetarian Festival at Yaowarat

Images adapted from: SALE HERE and ปันโปร – XL

Vegetarian Festival at Yaowarat

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Over 130 food stores are participating, offering tons of choices from savoury dishes to desserts and drinks. Prices are also affordable, starting from just ฿15 (less than USD1). Some dishes might even make you forget that they have no meat in them. 

Vegetarian Festival at Yaowarat

Images adapted from: ปันโปร – XL

If you are in Bangkok during this time, visit a meat-free Yaowarat Road from now till 25th October 2020 from 11am-10pm every day. Hurry, start your food adventure!

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Featured image adapted from: Quality Stock Arts via, and SALE HERE

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