Empty Yaowarat road during COVID-19 

Yaowarat Road So Empty Cuz Of COVID-19Images adapted from: หมื่น เฟื้อง

Yaowarat Road aka Bangkok Chinatown is always packed to the brim with tourists and Thai foodies who come here to try its delicious street food. As a Thai person, I’ve never imagined seeing the bustling Yaowarat Road ever being quiet.

But that’s now a reality because of the spread of COVID-19 virus which has prompted strict stay-at-home measures for Bangkokians, on top of a travel ban preventing visitors from entering the country. 

If you don’t believe how empty it is, take a look at this video of a shop owner in the area playing badminton in the middle of Yaowarat Road to show how lonely the streets have become.

Empty enough for a game of badminton

If you’ve ever been to Yaowarat, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to walk without bumping into someone. Crossing the roads is also a struggle, with cars taking up the roads no matter the time of day.

Amid the sullen virus outbreak, none of these sights which make the area special can be seen anymore. Owner of Pa Tong Go Savoey, a Michelin-featured store in Chinatown, decided to play a game of badminton on its empty streets to share with his followers.

Yaowarat Road So Empty Cuz Of COVID-19

Translation: I’m telling you guys, we can play badminton here. P.S. After COVID-19, don’t forget to visit Pa Tong Go Savoey at Yaowarat!

A man played badminton to prove how quiet Yaowarat road was during COVID-19
An unusual sight

A rare moment in Bangkok Chinatown

Many netizens tagged their friends to see the post, with many locals coming together to talk about how odd it is to see Yaowarat Road in such a state.

Netizens share rare moment of empty Yaowarat in COVID-19

Translation: No need to queue up for food now.

Netizens share rare moment of empty Yaowarat in COVID-19

Translation: New fitness regime.

Netizens share rare moment of empty Yaowarat in COVID-19

Translation: So powerful –  Yaowarat Road is closed to become a badminton court.

Don’t hesitate to visit Yaowarat Road after the COVID-19 situation gets better! After all, it would be great to show these shop owners our support for standing strong amid the virus.

Pa Tong Go Savoey at Yaowarat RoadWe’ve also tried the delicious Pa Tong Go Savoey for ourselves

And if you’re craving for some fried dough sticks, Pa Tong Go Savoey is available for delivery too.

Good news amid the COVID-19 crisis:

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