Women save grandpa from heart attack

Women CPR Save Old Man Thailand

Images adapted from: Thairath, Deawberry

When faced with a life and death situation, these heroic ladies didn’t hesitate to help save a man’s life with what they learned on the internet. 

Earlier this week, 2 national telecommunications employees Miss Sasaphan and Mrs. Chairat from Phetchabun helped save a 76-year-old farmer, Prakeab Khunkaew when his heart stopped beating from a heart attack.

Women CPR Save Old Man Thailand

Mrs. Chairat and Miss Sasaphan
Image Credit: Deawberry

Mr. Prakeab, along with other villagers, were out watering the paddy fields to get them ready for a new planting season. 

All in sudden, he felt a sharp pain in his chest before collapsing in front of everybody. Other villager didn’t know what to do, so they tried to carry him onto the road to get help.

Learned CPR from internet

Fortunately, Miss Sasaphan and Mrs. Chairat were on their way to meet some clients and were driving pass the road along the canal. They then saw the villagers carrying somebody and waving for help.

The two women stopped immediately and checked on Mr. Prakeab, only to find out that his heart was not beating. 

Women CPR Save Old Man Thailand

76-year-old Grandpa Prakeab
Image credit: Thairath

After calling an ambulance, they then took turns performing CPR on the man for 5 minutes before he started to blink and react to the light around him. By that time, the ambulance had arrived and took Mr. Prakeab to the hospital.

Miss Sasaphan and Mrs. Chairat revealed that they learned about how to perform CPR from the internet. And they were glad to successfully put it to use and saved a life.

Mr. Prakeab claimed to have seen the grim reaper

After waking up in the ICU, Mr. Prakeab told his family that he saw the grim reaper who told him it wasn’t his time and was quick to send him back to earth. Whether that is the case or not, we know for sure that Mr. Prakeab is alive because of Miss Sasaphan and Mrs. Chairat’s bravery. 

If you find yourself in these ladies’ shoes, remain calm and contact the health hotline 1669, which will automatically transfer you to a nearby public hospital or clinic.

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