Athletic woman stops rolling water tank

Picture this. You’re relaxing at home and minding your own business, when suddenly, a massive object starts tumbling towards your property. What do you do? 

While the situation mentioned is just a scary hypothetical for many of us, Ms. Ten experienced it first-hand. This athletic woman in Thailand sprang into action and stopped a water tank that was quickly tumbling towards her place. 

Here’s how she managed to save her property and grandmother from a surprise visit from a water tank.  

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Loose water tank almost destroys woman’s house 

On 22nd June 2021, Ms. Ten was cooking for her family, when she noticed that a water tank was rolling towards her house. In its direct line of destruction were her grandmother and car. Luckily, Ms. Ten’s cat-like reflexes enabled her to save both her loved one and vehicle. 

She later uploaded her story onto her Twitter account – the post has since been retweeted 80,000 times at the time of writing.

The tank’s loud tumbling sounds startled her family members, leading Ms. Ten’s mum to signal for help. Upon hearing this, the Olympic-level athlete immediately rushed to the scene – and even gracefully jumped over a waist-high fence in the process.

Gif: @mebenten

Ms. Ten’s house is located on the side of a busy road. The homeowner said that the tank in question fell off a pick-up truck and rolled towards her house, because it wasn’t properly secured, according to Line Today via Khaosod

The superwoman also noted that the tank was made of plastic and was empty, making the rescue mission a little easier.

Gif: @mebenten

In Ms. Ten’s tweet, she asserted that living right next to a busy road sparks concern about her safety. 

athletic-woman-stops-rollingScreenshot: @mebenten

Translation: My house is next to the road. I have to be careful of passing cars. What else do I have to worry about? Check this out, LMAO.

Athletic woman is compared to superheroes

Ms. Ten’s tweet quickly circulated around the internet. Netizens are commending her quick thinking and immediate action, with some commenters even comparing her with fictional heroes.


Screenshot: @mebenten

Translation: Edward Cullen.

athletic-woman-stops-rollingScreenshot: @mebenten

Of course, a netizen has compared Ms. Ten to DC Comic’s “Superwoman”.

athletic-woman-stops-rollingScreenshot: @mebenten

How would you have handled it? 

Anything can happen at anytime. Sometimes, unimaginable objects, like an empty water tank, can just appear out of the blue and tumble quickly towards your house. This lady in the video is an extraordinary example of how adrenaline can drive us to do amazing feats in order to protect our loved ones and homes.

Thanks to her, everyone in the situation is safe. 

We owe Ms. Ten a big round of applause for her quick thinking and humorous approach to the situation. Honestly, we’re not so sure if we could’ve handled it with the same grace and athleticism.

Have you ever been in a situation that required immediate action? Did you gain superhero powers?

Cover images adapted from: @mebenten

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