Woman surprises dad with cash

It’s always fun to surprise someone with a special present they wish for, like this father who surprised his daughter with a new smartphone. For some people, they may even react so strongly to receiving an impromptu gift for the first time, like this trainee who cried tears of joy after his teammate surprised him with a birthday cake.

Unquestionably, we are not only ecstatic to see them surprised, but we’re also contented to see them happy with the gift.

If you want to experience that joyful feelings, you may take this following story as an example.

Here’s the story of a woman who surprised her dad with a bunch of cash.

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Dad receives claimed-to-be lottery parcel from his daughter

On 3rd February 2022, a heartwarming video about a daughter who surprised her father was uploaded on the account of Thai TikToker, @May_may30.

น้ำตาไหล แบบเราทำได้แล้ว 😭😭 เซอร์ไพร้ตอนกำลังทำกับข้าวให้เราไปทำงานเลย ♥️♥️

น้ำตาไหล แบบเราทำได้แล้ว 😭😭 เซอร์ไพร้ตอนกำลังทำกับข้าวให้เราไปทำงานเลย ♥️♥️

Discover More On TikTok

The video quickly became viral on TikTok with over one million likes in a day. In the clip, we can see the father unboxing the ‘lottery-filled’ parcel that he received from his daughter.

Image credit: @May_may30

The man was surprised when he saw an envelope inside the box and was excited to see what was inside.

Just from the first glance, we’re pretty sure that the parcel must have contained no ordinary item.

Image credit: @May_may30

The man cried tears of joy when he saw there was a bunch of cash inside the envelope. At that moment, he realised that his daughter surprised him with a special gift purely out of her altruism.

TikToker gives inspiration to several netizens

After the clip was posted online, many netizens watching the clip were in awe and inspired to reward their parents just like the TikToker.

Screenshot: @May_may30

Translation: One day, I will upload a clip with content like this. Now, I’m trying to reach there.

One netizen commented that he plans to also gift his parents with cash in the future.

Screenshot: @May_may30

Translation: I wish everyone who watches this clip is inspired to fight for the ones they love.

Another netizen hoped that viewers will be be inspired by the clip.

Screenshot: @May_may30

Translation: This clip is a great motivation for me to do the same for my parents. Thank you for your good content.

One viewer shared her strong commitment to follow the same path.

Let’s give standing ovation to this TikToker

The video of the father who was surprised with cash by his daughter inspired not only netizens, but also us to do something nice for our loved ones.

So, let’s give a standing ovation to the TikToker for her genuine altruism and gratitude she has towards her parents.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @May_may30

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