Woman Divorces Husband For Being “Too Perfect”, Says He Never Shouted Or Argued With Her

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Husband’s “perfect love” drives wife crazy

Couples have disagreements and quirks that can get on each others’ nerves, and that’s fine. Imagining the “perfect partner” is something many of us have done before – but as it turns out, maybe it isn’t so perfect after all.  

A woman in Uttar Pradesh, India, recently amused and baffled netizens after she filed for a divorce with her husband, claiming that he was “too perfect”.

Felt suffocated in the relationship

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The woman had submitted a divorce plea to a Sharia court in Uttar Pradesh, where she explained her odd predicament. 

A statement read that the wife had claimed that her husband never “shouted at her”, and that he always forgave her for “all her mistakes”, reported Republic World. She also shared that her husband was ever ready to help her out with chores around the house, and that “his perfect love was suffocating her”.

Turns out, the poor lady was looking for a partner who would “argue with her” and not agree to everything she had to say. 

Divorce plea was rejected

Unfortunately for the damsel in distress, the Sharia court rejected her divorce plea on the grounds of it being “frivolous”. The cleric also asked the woman if she had any other reasons for divorcing her husband, which she denied.

Her husband also shared that he still “loved his wife dearly”, and only wanted her to be happy.

The couple, who have been married for 18 months, has been advised to settle the matter on their own. Let’s hope things work out for them in the end!

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