Wojia Mae Hong Son

If you’re looking for somewhere chilly to enjoy Thailand’s “winter” weather, but aren’t too keen on running into crowds of tourists doing the same thing, we’d recommend heading up to Mae Hong Son.

When looking at places to stay in the Northern province, we’d like to throw Wojia我家, commonly referred to as “Wojia”, into the mix. This private guesthouse is located in between mountains and an expansive lake, making it a vantage point for morning mists.

Although, that’s only the beginning of why we’d recommend this place – read on to find out more about this Chinese-inspired lakeside stay.

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Wojia is a lakeside guesthouse in Mae Hong Son’s Chinese village

One of Mae Hong Son’s best kept secrets is the Moo Ban Rak Thai Village. Here, visitors will see a copious amount of Chinese-inspired storefronts, boats, and houses as the area has a large Yunnan-Chinese presence.


Image credit: @eat_pray_rove

Considering the red lanterns painted with Chinese characters that adorn the establishment’s façade and wooden paneling, Wojia fits right in.

chinese-village-thailandImage credit: ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

Wojia’s waterfront restaurant, Lee Wine Coffee‘s exterior is also marked with Chinese characters and constructed almost entirely of wood, a hallmark of traditional East Asian architecture.

wojiaImage credit: Once in a blue moon

With backdrops like these, we’re sure you could easily convince your friends you’re on vacation outside of Thailand.

Different room types at Wojia

The low-key-yet-luxe estate is the ultimate private-getaway destination. Not only because it’s in such a lesser-known part of Thailand, but also because it presents only two villas and a restaurant.

wojiaImage credit: Wojia我家

All three of which are situated right on the lake.

The “Big House” is on the left and the “Small House” is on the right. 
Images adapted from (L-R): @mosultraman, @mosultraman

The “Big House” can sleep up to six people with two beds – one situated on a loft – and a kitchen.

lakeside-villa-thailandImage credit: ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

There’s even a net on the second floor.

lakeside-resort-thailandImage credit: @mosultraman

There’s also a bathtub in the common area as well as a large patio that overlooks the lake and surrounding mountains.

baan-rak-thaiImage credit: Worawut Dechachat

The smaller house, which is directly across from this villa is a little smaller but no less grand in terms of decor.

While the Chinese design elements are more prominent in the larger cottage, visitors can enjoy the sleek, minimalist design this cozy space presents.

minimal-cottage-thailandImage credit: @mosultraman

The designers managed to give guests a panoramic view of the lake through a small window at the foot of the bed, as well as a bathtub that allows them to look out into the expanse.

minimal-cottage-thailandImage credit: @mosultraman

Rates for the Wojia estate depend on the season as well as number of persons and start at ฿6,000 (~USD180)/night.

Currently, Wojia is not accepting separate villa bookings, so we’d suggest getting together a group of people to go and enjoy this one-of-a-kind Chinese-style villa.

Travel ‘abroad’ in Thailand

Views from the restaurant
Image credit: ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

With everyone rushing up to popular spots like Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, you can bet that lesser-known provinces like these will be quieter.

It also doesn’t hurt that this little pocket of Mae Hong Son looks a lot like China and so little like Thailand.

So, if you’re itching to travel overseas but don’t want to deal with quarantine requirements, airport security or crowds, then Wojia is definitely your next destination.

Address:HWMV+W7V, Mok Cham Pae, Mueang Mae Hong Son District, Mae Hong Son 58000
Telephone: +66 8 9552 9650
Wojia我家 Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @Moo-Mai, ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai, @mosultraman

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