Anything in the name of love

After the city of Yudong, in Chongqing, China, was hit by a heavy flood, residents were forced to evacuate to stay safe. 

And while people were busy saving things like personal effects, one woman went (or swam) the extra mile to make sure her husband’s precious toy collection was safe and sound through it all.

Husband could not swim

After the couple’s home began to flood, they had to get to safety, stat. In the mess of things, her husband – a huge Gundam fan – decided not to go back for his beloved figurines as he didn’t know how to swim. 

It was then that his wife, who was a pro at swimming, decided to take matters into her own hands and embark on the mission to save the collection on her own.

wife saves gundam collection 2
She was quickly pulled to safety with the help of others
Image credit: 中年人手里的高达/Weibo

In a video that made rounds on Chinese social media platform Weibo, a person explained that his wife, who “swims across the Yangtze River”, had monitored the situation before heading back to the apartment.

“[She] assessed that the risk of stagnant water is not high and she has a life jacket,” explained the person, as shared on Unilad

It was also reported that she broke a window to get to the collection.

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In the video, the lady (who remains unnamed) can be seen with bags and bags full of the Gundam collection while floating on a rubber dinghy. 

gundam collection
Image credit: 中年人手里的高达/Weibo

An act of love like no other

wife saves gundam collection
Image credit: 中年人手里的高达/Weibo

After we just found out about a woman who wanted to divorce her husband for being too perfect, this wholesome story is giving us the fuzzies.

Luckily for our Gundam heroine, she didn’t suffer from any injuries besides a cut to the finger. 

With the floods in China being the heaviest in some 40 years, we’re hoping affected residents have found safety and that the situation gets better soon.   

Featured images adapted from: 中年人手里的高达/Weibo

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