Whale Vomit On Sale For $900K In Thailand, Fisherman Has About 30KG Available

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Whale vomit in Thailand goes for millions

There are seldom ways to become instant millionaires, and even fewer chances that these methods will actually work out.

Well, this fisherman in Thailand has demonstrated that truly anything is possible when it comes to money, even when it involves whale vomit.

Here’s the story of how an unlikely find could turn one man’s life upside down.

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Fisherman in Thailand finds 30KG of whale vomit

After stumbling across 30 KG of whale vomit on a Surathani beach, Mr. Narong Petcharat now stands a chance of receiving ฿30 million (~USD900,000) for its sale.

Mr. Petcharat explains that upon returning from a fishing trip, he saw what looked like cream-coloured gunk floating on the beach, as published by MGR Online on 27th September 2021.

whale-vomit-thailand1Image credit: MGR Online

While many of us wouldn’t think twice about floating goop, Mr. Petcharat rushed to check if the substance was in fact the uber-valuable and fabled whale vomit that many fishermen could only dream of finding.

Still unsure, Mr. Petcharat wrapped the substance up in a towel and brought it back to his community, whose members were elated to see whale vomit for the first time in this region.

But, why were they so excited?

Whale vomit is one of the most important ingredients in perfume

Whale vomit, also known as “Amber of the Sea” in Thai, is a key ingredient in perfume. Thus, the substance is highly coveted by manufacturers.

In fact, people used to go hunting for sperm whales in order to obtain their vomit – that is, until whale protection laws came into play.

whale-vomit-thailand-meltedImage credit: MGR Online

Mr. Petcharat said that the substance presented a fishy and dung-y smell.

So, to see if it was actually a key ingredient in perfume, Mr. Petcharat melted it to see if the smell would change. Lo and behold, it did. He stated that upon dissolving, the whale vomit started smelling very sweet and pleasant.

Here’s what officials had to say about the fisherman’s find.

Whale vomit is officially certified and for sale 

After celebrating his new find, the fisherman wanted to verify that he found an extremely coveted item and not a smelly substance.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this may be the first time we’re thrilled to hear that a pile of barf is 100% pure vomit.

whale-vomit-thailand-fishermanImage credit: MGR Online

One 31 reported on 27th September 2021 that Mr. Petcharat received an official authenticity certificate from Prince Songkla University.

His “Amber of the Sea” pile is also valued at ฿30 million (~USD900,000).

So, if anyone’s interested in buying 30KG for ฿30 million (~USD900,000) of whale vomit, they can contact Ms. Kat at +66 6 1734 6930.

One whale’s vomit is another man’s treasure

After finding tens of kilograms of what looked like gunk floating on the beach, Mr. Petcharat could soon become a millionaire.

We’re extremely excited for the fisherman’s family, as well as thankful to the whale who ate just a little too much that day.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): MGR Online

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