Controlling air pollution in Thailand

Air pollution has been a growing concern in Thailand, as seen in the recent spike in PM2.5 numbers across the region. As such, the government is looking into measures people can take to curb the problem.

Employers to implement WFH arrangements

With 2020 being the year of Covid-19, we’ve become far from strangers to concepts like working from home.

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT), employers have been advised to implement work from home arrangements from 25th to 29th December in order to “reduce the number of vehicles on the road”, thus bringing down pollution figures.

Theerapat Prayurasiddhi, the permanent secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister, shared that the government’s Centre for Air Pollution Mitigation (CAPM) has reached out to government agencies, public organisations, and state enterprises to take WFH measures.

Vehicle emissions to be properly regulated

Of course, staying at home can only be seen as a short-term solution. A huge culprit of air pollution is vehicle exhaust fumes, and more stringent action is being taken to control this as well.

The CAPM also has ordered the following on top of the current work from home arrangements:

  • Department of Land Transport and the Pollution Control Department to tighten regulations surrounding vehicle exhaust emissions
  • Royal Thai Police and the Traffic Police Division to mitigate traffic congestion problems in busier areas such as downtown Bangkok
  • Factory emissions to be inspected by the Ministry of Industry, along with a temporary ban on open fires in farmlands and suburban areas, construction and other activities causing “particle emissions”
  • Motorists to avoid driving vehicles with black exhaust smoke emissions

NNT also reported that emissions from delivery vehicles and construction sites contribute to “70% of air pollution”.

Staying safe from pollution

The pandemic isn’t the only reason we should be wearing masks right now – PM2.5 particles can be extremely detrimental, causing severe respiratory issues in some cases.

As such, remember to stay indoors when you can and mask up whenever possible.

Featured image adapted from: The Nation

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