Wat Pariwat in Bangkok

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Images adapted from: Global Castaway, touristbangkok, and @siam_muang_yim

There are people who do temple-hopping to abundant merit-making and others who visit temples to admire the beautiful architecture.

If you are the second, Wat Pariwat is a temple in Bangkok known for its particularly unusual sculptures that will raise your eyebrows.

Pop culture idols in a place of worship

WatPariwat Pikachu
A shiny Pikachu you can’t collect
Image credit: @siam_muang_yim

Wat Pariwat has some marvellous-looking traditional sculptures depicting naga serpents and angels carved in stone and gems. Although, these are seated right next to pop culture icons that are equally worshipped in culture.

WatPariwat Dobby
Dobby from the Harry Potter series
Image credit: Differentville

WatPariwat Obama
A winged Barack Obama takes a selfie
Image credit: touristbangkok

However, these are only there to attract younger people to temple-hopping culture and not to worship. Still, people are welcome to come play Where’s Waldo? at Wat Pariwat, if only to visit a quirky temple.

WatPariwat Batman
The Dark Knight also watches over this temple
Image credit: Global Castaway

WatPariwat David Beckham
Image credit: @willythuan

The temple is famously known as the “David Beckham temple” because of a golden sculpture of Beckham built during his Man-U years. Even temples are not immune to football fanaticism, as the abbot here is a Manchester United fan.

Other idols to spot on your visit include Wolverine, Popeye, and even Che Guevera. It’s difficult to name everything, and besides, half the fun is spotting your favourite idol in their splendor while visiting it yourself.

Note: Despite its less religious sculptures, please remember to still treat the temple with respect.

Getting to Wat Pariwat

Whether you think this is blasphemous or a peculiar way to get younger people visit temples, this one is worth a bus ride.

The easiest way to get to the temple is to take the BRT (bus rapid transit) to Wat Pariwat bus station. It is next to Chatuchak Weekend Market on Rama III Road and located by Chao Phraya River.

Wat Pariwat
Address: 734 Rama III Rd, Bang Phong Phang, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120
Opening Hours: 8AM-6PM

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