COVID-19 inspired baby names

Indian parents name twins after COVID-19 virusImage adapted from: Mahesh Kumar A.

COVID-19 is spreading fear and a myriad of difficulties for everyone around the globe, with us having to adjust to a “new normal”. The pandemic has made an impact on little ones too; newborns have to wear face shields and it seems like it’s inspired baby names too.

These parents in India decided to name their twins ‘Corona’ and ‘Covid’ after they were born during the nationwide lockdown.   

Parents wanted their names to be unique

Indian Parents Name Twins ‘Corona’ and ‘Covid’Image credit: Fallon Michael

The twins, a boy and girl, were born at a state hospital in Raipur on 27th March 2020. This was 2 days after the nationwide lockdown was implemented.  

Because of the lockdown, the trip to the hospital from the state of Chhattisgarh was very difficult. The parents couldn’t find help from anyone as no one was able to head out during this time.

Indian twins were named after COVID-19 pandemicImage credit: Mahesh Kumar A.

Preeti Verma, the 27-year-old mom shared that she and her husband needed the names to be unique and memorable after the delivery was made during the difficult times amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The father, Vinay Verma, also added, “Besides, these names are beautiful on their own, with Corona being Latin for crown,” 

“Also, we want the fear associated with these names to end and [for] the public to focus on sanitation and hygiene.”

The parents also said that they and their family might change the twins’ names sometime down the road based on their beliefs and suggestions from older family members.

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Babies to be strong and healthy 

What is most important is that these newborns are in good health and are safe with their parents. Congrats to the mom and dad!

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