Village erects phallus statue

Update: Unfortunately, a combination of the sun and rain has led cracks to appear on the phallus statue only a week after it was erected, as reported by The Thaiger.

The fracture is described to look like a blood vein, which is def giving off a message that it has been working hard. Even though it’s expected to collapse very soon, the figure will continue to stand until the end of the rain-making ceremony, according to a local from the village.


Farmers’ livelihoods depend on the quality of soil, weather patterns and other uncontrollable elements of nature.

So, when concerns of drought swept through Thailand, this community got a jump-start on the rainy season and tried to send signals to mother nature. These farmers in the Chacheongsao village erected a phallus statue on 9th June 2021.

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Village erects phallus statue as part of rain-making ceremony

On 9th June 2021, the villagers in Yothaka, Chachoengsao built the statue. Community members stopped by and prayed to the figure for a pleasant rainy season that’ll lead to fruitful crops and flourishing harvests. Two days after the statue was built, rain fell upon the Yothaka village.


Village-Erects-Phallus-StatueImage credit: Chaman Kengthongdaeng via The Pattaya News 

Mr. Chamnan Kenthongdaeng, one of the village leaders, stated the rain lasted for about an hour and a half, according to The Pattaya News. The community is looking forward to more rain in the plains of Chachoengsao.

Village-Erects-Phallus-StatueImage credit: Koson Samang via The Pattaya News

This phallic statue is referred to as Palad Khik in Thai.

Phallic statue is popular among locals

The statue has gained recognition among locals and netizens.


These cyclists made the trip to post alongside the Palad Khik. 
Image credit: Chamnan Kengthongdaeng

Images of the statue have also been posted on Facebook groups like News, and netizens were quick to point out potential dangers from the figure.

phallus-statue-thailandWe see what you did there *ba dum tss*.
Screenshot: News

thailand-phallus-statueScreenshot: News

In response to the statue’s popularity and to assure netizens, village officials stated that the Palad Khik was built on a dead-end road to assure everyone’s safety and accesibility.

Annual rainmaking ceremony

Mr. Kenthongdaeng noted that building a large phallic statue is a tradition that has been upheld in the Yothaka for decades.

Village-Erects-Phallus-StatueThis is the statue they built last year.
Image credit: Chamnan Kenthongdaeng

The figure is said to be a symbol of new life. With farmers requiring more fresh water to ensure a successful harvest, they pray to the statue in hopes that the rainy season blesses their fields with rain.

Wishing the community a fruitful harvest

Thailand’s economy is heavily rooted in agriculture, and are heavily reliant on the success of these farmers. So, they’re probably facing a lot of pressure. So, let’s hope that the community experiences a successful rainy season that’ll bring flourishing crops.

Does your community have any rituals like this? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image adapted from: Chamnan Kenthongdaeng

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