Thai netizen frames 40 used ART kits at home

It’s always amazing for us to see people’s successes framed up – whether it’s a certificate of completion, or a memorable moment captured in a photo.

However, some people also have their own ways to immortalise or keep a record of something they’re proud of.

Here’s the story of a Thai netizen who apparently framed 40 used ART test kits to celebrate his success in surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. Experts, however, have their own views on whether this is recommended, or a safe thing to do.

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Thai netizen frames up his used ART kits and goes viral

On 22th April 2022,  a screenshot of a netizen’s pic that featured 40 used ART or ATK test kits created a stir on social media in Thailand.

used ART kits
Image credit: Mor Lab Panda

The photo depicted a framed collection of what’s presumably a collection of used rapid antigen Covid-19 test kits, perfectly aligned and stacked in 4 rows of 10.

According to Thaiger, the intention of the frame’s owner may have been to show that he or she had been fortunate enough NOT to test positive for Covid-19 at least 40 times.

A lab scientist warns against keeping collections like these

Following the picture’s virality, a medical laboratory scientist, Parkpoom Dethhussadin, reposted the picture on his Facebook page named “Mor Lab Panda”, to warn people that collecting used ATK tests is unsafe.

“Whether the test result is negative or positive, it’s unsafe to collect the ATK Tests. Those used test kits are considered infectious waste as they contain secretions of saliva and nasal mucus,” said Parkpoom Dethhussadin.

He also shared tips to dispose of the ATK Tests, suggesting that users should spray those test kits with detergent or alcohol and put them in a ziplock bag for disposal from the house’s premises.

Many other forms of ART out there

Although it’s good to be proud that we’ve survived the pandemic, collecting ATK or ART test kits is still not a sanitary or safe practice. Though it’s a hilarious and creative form of “ART”, it’s probably best to ensure that we stick to more conventional kinds in the future.

Let’s get the message out by sharing this PSA to everyone for their safety.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Panuwat Dangsungnoen, Mor Lab Panda

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