Man wins ฿12 million in the lotto

Winning the lottery is a dream. The prize money can help us retire immediately, and enjoy the rest of our lives pursuing our passions.

In fact, hitting the jackpot is such a widespread aspiration that Thais have a whole system dedicated to sussing out winning lotto numbers. Lore states that lucky numbers can either come from celebratory events – the date of your wedding -, more difficult occasions, or even your dreams.

Don’t believe us? Well, this Thai man managed to win ฿12,000,000 (~USD361,336) after buying a ticket based off his ‘unlucky’ license plate number. 

Here’s how this man turned his luck upside down.

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Man wins lotto using ‘unlucky’ license plate number

On 16th August 2021, Mr. Puripath or “Top” became an instant millionaire after scoring the top prize in the lottery. The 35-year-old winner revealed that he picked the ticket that brought him ฿12,000,000 (~USD361,336) based off of his car’s license plate – the same car that he’s crashed numerous times.

Top’s plate number reads “7250”, so he bought one ticket ending in “750”, another ending in “50”. Mr. Puripath also bought one with “29” – his birthdate – as the two final digits, just for good measure, according to Sanook.

Image credit: Sanook

Come Monday morning, the government announced “046750” as the winning number.

Lotto prize used to pay off debts

In addition to being an insta-millionaire, Mr. Puripath is the owner of a pig farm. He started the business to support his family, particularly his sick father, after putting himself through university by collecting rubbish.

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Image credit: Best Farming Tips

Top plans to use his winnings to pay off the loans he took out to start his business, as well as to expand the farm.

Unfortunate events turned into a blessing

Top has proved that sometimes a series of unfortunate events – like crashing your car multiple times and even hitting a dog with it – can lead to something good.

We hope that he’s able to turn his luck upside down, and are excited to see the new heights to which he’ll take his business.

Cover images adapted from: Sanook (Left), adelaidewrekckers (Right)
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