Man tries to contact aliens from outer space

Thai Medium

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Aliens and UFOs other planets have always been a mystery. However in Thailand, we’ve got a medium that claims he can communicate with aliens – all from the planet Pluto. In fact, the “aliens” have also mentioned to him that the apocalypse is coming soon…all thanks to a war with the planets. What?!

UFO enthusiasts set up camp to wait for aliens

set up tent

Image credit: Amarin TVHD

On 17th August, members of the group UFO Kaokala flocked to Khao Kala mountain, which has gained notoriety for being Thailand’s hotspot for spotting UFOs. The group itself is known for carrying out meditation practices in order to know more about extraterrestrial beings, claiming that the aliens are able to predict the future. The group was joined by over 100 local believers who heard the news. 

They set-up tents and brought food to share while awaiting the presence of the aliens – and that’s when something unexpected happened. 

Monk tried to communicate with the aliens

Amongst the people present was a “monk”, who claimed he was able to contact aliens from the planet Pluto. He revealed no further information and surprised everyone by acting strangely – using unrecognisable words, gestures, and behaviour to seem like he was communicating with an unseen force. 

Image credit: Amarin TVHD

To take things further, he even tried using his said powers to help an old man with a medical ailment – unfortunately (or not), the man claimed to feel nothing. 

Local news agencies eventually caught wind of the situation and headed down to the meeting. There, they questioned the monk on his abilities. This only resulted in him getting angry, causing one big hoo-ha.


The monk started shouting at anyone who seemed to doubt his abilities
Image credit: Amarin TVHD

He went on the claim that the apocalypse was soon coming, and anyone who refused to believe this would be attacked by the aliens. Hmm…

Policemen called in to control the situation 

police officers

Plainclothes police officers control the situation
Image credit: Amarin TVHD

Turns out, the alien’s high speed signals were abruptly disrupted by the presence of local police officers. They asked the monk for his Buddhist Ordination Permission Card for verification as, based on Buddhist Lent traditions, he was supposed to be at a temple during the time. After awhile of refusing, the man ended up confessing that he wasn’t actually a monk – but a medium for aliens from different planets.

Buddhist nun

The Buddhist “nun” that was taken to the police station
Image credit: Amarin TVHD

This only ended up in the police bringing him in for an investigation. Together with him was a Buddhist “nun”, who was seen as his accomplice. She was taken to the police station for further questioning as well. 

Thai medium

Nawapon Suwanwilai
Image credit: Amarin TVHD

The drama doesn’t stop there. Meanwhile in the province of Chaiyaphum, Nawapon Suwanwilai, a local, claimed that he was a medium as well. He informed journalists that he didn’t need to go to Khao Kala as he has been communicating with the aliens for the last 4 years or so. Wait, what?!

He also mentioned that people can reach out to these extraterrestrial beings by following the basic Buddhist precepts, which is something members of UFO Kaokala believe in as well. 

The group was first started back in 1998 by a Somjit Reapeth who allegedly witnessed UFOs in the area near Khao Kala mountain in Nakhon Sawan province – which explains the location’s significance in the community today. 

Different strokes for different folks

At the end of the day, it is all about belief. Some can believe in things that other people find to be nonsense, but we should still be respectful without disrupting peace.

I mean, I used to believe in the tooth fairy…until I ran out of baby teeth and received no money!