Gruesome accident in Bangkok

Thailand’s roads are no stranger to unfortunate accidents, with many being fatal. There are a number of Thai streets that don’t have enough lights for drivers, causing accidents to both passengers and pedestrians along the road. 

This is another terrifying case that happened along a dark street in Bangkok, where a tuk-tuk driver was shocked after finding a dead body sticking out from under his vehicle. 

Tires had dragged the dead body for 300 metres on the road  

Tuk-tuk driver drags dead body

Image credit: Komchadluek

On 13th October 2020, Mr Thongsai Sisatja, a 60-year-old tuk-tuk driver found a dead body sticking out from his vehicle after checking to see why his engine had failed. 

The accident happened on Pattanakarn Road near Soi Pattanakarn 41. After the gruesome discovery, Mr Sisatja reported it to local police officers. 

After investigating, the officers later found that the body was of that of a 27-year-old man who owned a yellow motorbike that was found nearby, around 300 metres from the scene.  

Tuk-tuk driver drags dead body
Image credit: Nation

Witnesses informed the officers that the biker was riding so fast the night before, and had crashed down at the spot where the motorbike was found. People also wondered who the driver was, as no one saw anyone get hurt at the spot. 

The tuk-tuk driver said that he drove past the motorcycle but didn’t pay any attention as he didn’t see anyone there and that the road was very dark. 

Tuk-tuk driver drags dead body

Image credit: Komchadluek

He finally recognised that there was a dead body attached to the underside of his tuk-tuk after the engines failed and he couldn’t continue driving. 

The case is currently under investigation and the officers will check CCTV footage around to gather more information about the rider and confirm that Mr Sisatja was not involved in any way.

Tuk-tuk driver drags dead body

Image credit: อีจัน

Even if Mr Sisatja has nothing to do with it, this must have been a shocking and absolutely terrifying encounter for him. 

There are many other roads in Thailand that are dark and dingy that need proper renovations and street light. 

We hope that accidents like this will never happen on any roads again. 

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Featured image adapted from: Komchadluek

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