Creative way to practice social distancing

social distance toy car
Image adapted from: SABENZZ

After Bangkok city governors issued a shutdown order for restaurants, the number of people using food delivery services have increased. Many people are also choosing to stay at home to practice self-quarantine.

With these safety measures being put into place, it’s important for us to practice social distancing with our food delivery riders to keep each other safe too.

Remote control cars are useful

social distance toy car

Image credit: SABENZZ

On 10th April 2020, Twitter user SABENZZ posted a video of him controlling a remote control car to pick up food from a food delivery driver. He stated he was practising social distancing and paid for the food online. The post immediately went viral and now has over 47,300 retweets and 262,900 views on Twitter.

social distance toy car

social distance toy car

Images credit: SABENZZ

Safety measures implemented by delivery companies

For the safety of both the driver and the customers, many delivery companies have implemented rules and safety measures to practice while receiving food. 

For example, The Pizza Company has instructed their delivery drivers to be at least 2m away from their customers, and for customers to pick up their food boxes by themselves. 

Food Panda instructed their delivery drivers and customers to keep a distance of 3 meters between each other. They have also encouraged customers to use online payment methods as the virus can potentially stay on banknotes, which is unsanitary. 

social distance toy car


Image credit: The Pizza Company

Delivery workers are working extremely hard right now, so let us follow the safety measures for everyone’s safety. Additionally, delivery times may be longer than usual during this period, so stay patient and appreciate their hard work.

If you have any other creative ideas for social distancing, share it with us!

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