Russian tourists stranded in Phuket

Tourists Sleep In Phuket Temple After Running Out Of Money, Kind Hotel Owner Offers Free RoomsImages adapted from: @Winaithorn

After Thailand implemented a ban on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many visitors were left behind without any backup plans.

Among those stranded travellers were  Alexei Galiev, Nikolai Sharov, and Sofia Sharova – 3 Russian tourists who found themselves stuck in Phuket after their flights got cancelled due to the virus lockdown. 

By the time their flights were suspended, the trio ran out of money. So, they took refuge in an open-air building next to a crematorium which is situated in Mai Khao Temple. 

Residents and monks helped them for over a week

A local administrator said monks and villagers had been taking care of them for over a week. Everyone was trying to help by bringing food and providing a fan for their comfort. 

In return, the trio was well-behaved – they even complied with the nationwide curfew by staying inside the building, said the administrator. 

Anonymous hotel owner offered help

Tourists Sleep In Phuket Temple After Running Out Of Money, Kind Hotel Owner Offers Free RoomsThe trio with the local administrator
Image credit: @Winaithorn

After the news got out, a hotel owner reportedly offered them free accommodation during this difficult time. According to Khaosod English, the owner wanted to remain anonymous.

“We are just helping them due to basic humanitarian values. I don’t want the hotel to be named just for doing this simple thing, or we [might be] accused of taking an opportunity,” said the hotel owner.

Besides the trio, at least 20,000 other Russians have been stuck in the kingdom due to the pandemic.

The resort owner, the villagers, and the monks were so kind-hearted as they were doing their part to help people in need – faith in humanity restored.

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