Tortoises Help Owner With Laundry In Thailand, Pets Push Drying Rack Into The Sun

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Tortoises help their owner with the laundry

Laundry is something we often dread doing, until we actually do it. After which, we receive a feeling of accomplishment and success; until we realise that we have to wait a couple hours and sometimes days for our beloved clothes to dry.

It’s truly a vicious cycle. Lucky for this netizen, it seems like she has a couple of friends looking out for her and ensuring her clothes dry as soon as possible.

Here’s the story about two tortoises who proved that no task is too big if you set your mind to it.

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Tortoises help owner move drying laundry into the sun

Earlier this year, Thai TikToker, @looknam.sakaw, posted security footage that showed her two tortoises doing their part in keeping the house in order.

ช่วยแม่ตากผ้า อีกแล้ว#ฉลามปลาวาฬลูกแม่

ช่วยแม่ตากผ้า อีกแล้ว#ฉลามปลาวาฬลูกแม่

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The video showed the two reptiles moving a ~2M tall drying rack away from the shade and into the sun – which would allow the clothes to dry faster.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

You’re probably wondering, “How on earth does a tortoise move a drying rack?”.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

Well, the footage shows that the two tortoises positioned themselves at the base of the structure, and used their entire bodies to push the rack – which thankfully has wheels – into the sun.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

The fact that these tortoises are merely a fraction of the size of the drying rack makes their feat even more impressive. And, we’d be willing to bet we’re not the only ones in awe of the reptiles.

Netizens react to helpful tortoises

The video has since received 273.5K likes and 1.6K comments, most of which are commending the animals. Here are some of the top comments.

This netizen is showcasing her faith in the tortoises’ upward trajectory.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

Translation: Soon, they’ll be able to pick up some food on the corner. 

Another commenter directed a comment to OP, the owner, herself.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

Commenter: Definitely not a waste of morning glory. 
OP: Loooove. 

This last one, though, has to be our favourite.

Screenshot: @looknam.sakaw

Translation: Ever since they won the race against the hare, it seems they’re unstoppable! 

We’re laughing cause it’s true.

Slow and steady wins the race

It’s truly amazing what animals are capable of – not just physically but also mentally. Until reading this story, we never thought that tortoises could even fathom doing household chores; let alone execute them.

We’re confident that these pets’ amazing feats won’t stop here, and that we’ll be reporting on something they’ve done that’s even more impressive soon enough.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @looknam.sakaw

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