Tokyo 2020 tickets now on sale for Thai residents

tokyo 2020 olympics tickets

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Held once every 4 years, the Olympics is returning soon – this time in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will be taking place from 24th July to 9th August 2020

tokyo 2020 olympics tickets

The Olympics returns to Tokyo since its last visit in 1964
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Olympics fans can get ready for the upcoming event as tickets are now officially on sale. Thai locals and residents can purchase their tickets online via JTB Thailand. There is no need to queue, but we hear the tickets are very popular, so hurry!

Over 50 packages to pick from

There are various package options for users to select when buying the tickets depending on the different sports, so you can choose the ticket plan based on your interests. Each package consists of a 2-night hotel stay in Tokyo and travel insurance to keep you comfortable and safe while in Japan. 

tokyo 2020 olympics tickets

Some of the sports combinations available on the website depending on the event you wish to watch
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Ticket prices for JTB’s Tokyo 2020 packages range from ฿38,000 to ฿100,000 per person, with over 50 packages going on sale. 

Tickets will also be available in stores in August 2019

Fortunately, for anyone who cannot purchase their tickets this time around, you will still be able to get them in JTB stores in Thailand from 2nd August 2019

To buy tickets or stay updated on the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, you can check out JTB Thailand’s official website here.