To The Sea Koh Kood Is A Beachfront Resort With Dwarf Pigs That Reminds Us Of The Bahamas

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To The Sea Koh Kood

When it comes to crystal clear emerald waters and pristine shores, Thailand’s beaches are world class for sure. The shores of Koh Kood, has also perennially topped our underrated beachside getaways list.

With clear skies and resident dwarf piggies – yes, you heard that right – a stay at To The Sea Koh Kood is like a mini escape to the Bahamas. Those of you looking for a beachside getaway, should definitely check out this resort that’s a hidden gem you’d wanna make a pilgrimage to, before the word gets out.

We’ll give you a sneak preview of this unique beachside getaway that will take you to the other side of the world.

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Resident dwarf pigs you can feed and take pictures with

Image credit: กิน เที่ยว ถ่าย

As far as beach resorts go, we’d expect that the one to win us over would probably have the clearest waters or the softest sand. What To The Sea Koh Kood has instead, is something that no other beach resort provides… access to their resident dwarf pigs.

Yes, these ones. They are chubby, friendly and absolutely adorable.

And for those of you who watched the film Babe when you were younger – TLDR: it’s a heart-warming film about an orphaned pig named Babe – the piggies here just remind me of that movie so much.

To The Sea Koh Kood Piggies 2Image credit: กิน เที่ยว ถ่าย

Guests are allowed to feed these lil’ piggies with their favourite snacks – cucumbers! – and snap some really endearing pictures with them.

To address the elephant in the room, yes I’m definitely abstaining from any moo here, just out of respect for these creatures.

Kayaking and paddle-boarding available at the resort

Image credit: @mommy.most

Of course, cute piggies aside, you can also engage in water activities like kayaking and surfing whilst you’re here. The activities are family-friendly and you can even bring your little one onto the kayak with you and bae.

To The Sea Koh KoodImage credit:

With the waters so clear here, you can literally swim or float with the fishes right by your side. Check this out.

To The Sea Koh KoodImage credit: @kimdolldear

I swear if you’re obsessed with marine life since your Finding Nemo days, this resort would be an absolute dream for you. I should probably stop with the film references now before my editor notices, but on to some IG-spots to snap some memories for the ‘gram.

An all-white swing and a private pier make for great #OOTD spots

Image credit: @saly.talonpaitour via To The Sea The Resort Koh Kood

Once again, your resident insta-hoe here is tripping while looking at these pics. Just sayin’, this could be you and your squad on your next vacation.

Image credit: @saly.talonpaitour via To The Sea The Resort Koh Kood

If you’re a travel blogger or anything of a committed instagrammer, you can also whip out your drones for a stunning bird’s eye view of the resort.

Getting to To The Sea Koh Kood

If you’re looking into a quiet beach getaway where you can have lots of fun with your friends without having to fight the crowds, To The Sea Koh Kood might just be for you.

Still a hidden gem tucked away in the lesser known Koh Kood, this resort is definitely worth adding into your Thailand travel bucket list.

Let your followers take the lead fam. Onwards to visiting these lovely piggies.

To The Sea Koh Kood
Address: Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat 23000
Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri, Open 24 hours 
Telephone: +66 9 2384 1331 
To The Sea Koh Kood Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: @saly.talonpaitour via To The Sea The Resort Koh Kood, กิน เที่ยว ถ่าย , @mommy.most

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