No more lines at tollways

Drivers in Thailand won’t have to wait in lines just to get onto the tollway after Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob disclosed on Tuesday that they will remove barriers and toll booths starting in 2021. 

The old-fashioned money collecting will be replaced by a new licence plate detector system called “M-Flow.” This new technology will match the plate numbers with the vehicle information in the registration database, and send the bill to the owner monthly.

According to the Minister, tollway and expressway gates around Thailand will be modified by next year with the Thap Chang Toll gate in Eastern Bangkok as a pilot project. 

Check for illegal vehicles

Image credit: Thairath

Apart from reducing manpower, the new system will also be able to check for any illegal vehicles by running the license plates through the police database.

All car owners will have to pay their bill within 30 days after receiving the billing letter each month. Moreover, laws will also be changed in accordance with this new system to make sure everyone pays their bills.

Thanks to technology, our life will be much easier! 

Featured images adapted from: Posttoday and ThaiSMEsCenter

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