TikTok review gone wrong

TikTok has become sensational in Thailand ever since its debut, with several users coming up with a large variety of content in hopes of gaining more views and likes. Review videos are one of the most popular and lucrative items on the platform, but have been receiving backlash due to their “inorganic” – sponsored – nature.

This TikTok review about a teacher’s housing unit, however, gained 1.5 million views and 137,300 likes due to the sheer hilarity of the clip.

Here’s how it spiraled down the drain.

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TikTok user gets stuck in toilet during house review

The video follows Ms. Tuay, TikTok user @32456khunchompoo, through different areas of the house and features live narration.

According to the TikTok-er, the bathroom is the highlight of the house – Ms. Tuay recalls the many pleasant surprises such as snakes, centipedes, millipedes, and frogs. She then turned around to review the “automatic” bathroom door that opens and closes whenever it pleases, and even demonstrated how stubborn the door could be.

door handle
The TikTok user captioned the video as “Epic fail #TeacherHouseReview #TeacherTuay”
Image credit: Matichon

Just when Ms. Tuay tried to open the door, the whole handle came out and the review video instead became a hilarious ranting video, where she screams for help and rambles on about how she should have never done the review, according to Matichon.

While Ms. Tuay successfully came out by pulling at the edges of the door, the room that was second-in-line of the grande tour was the last.

Ms. Tuay gains a fanbase

Getting stuck in the toilet might have been the best thing that happened to Ms. Tuay, considering she went viral – netizens quickly gave the teacher some laughter as well as much needed support.

Screenshot: @32456khunchompoo

Translation: I laughed so hard my neighbour came by to check.

While the story was a sympathetic one, many apologised for not being able to hold their laugh.

Screenshot: @32456khunchompoo

Translation: I’m sorry I couldn’t hold my laugh, teacher.

Others threw in some funny remarks and how the video should have been named a survival video instead.

Screenshot: @32456khunchompoo

Translation: Wouldn’t putting down your phone make it easier to open the door, teacher?

Screenshot: @32456khunchompoo

Translation: From house review, why not change it to “How to survive when stuck in a toilet”

Ms. Tuay might have possibly gain a fanbase as netizens request for more review videos from her.

Screenshot: @32456khunchompoo

Translation: Please do more reviews, I wanna watch.

Failures can lead to success

What at first appeared to be an “epic failure” turns out to be a success for content creator, Ms. Tuay.

Hence, we hope that this story will be an inspiration for you to keep in mind that lemons can definitely become lemonade.

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Cover image adapted from: @32456khunchompoo

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