Hunky Thai dad on TikTok

TikTok is known to be a platform full of fun and creative trends for users to get into.

Filming parents morphing into their younger selves via old pictures, where they are met with comments about how beautiful they once were, is one of the latest ones.

A Thai girl and her dad decided to join the fun, and ended up with the unexpected outcome of netizens thirsting for her hunky 56-year-old dad.

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TikTok video with hunky dad has over a million views

TikTok-er @meturr’s video, centred around the ‘show-your-parent’ trend, instantly propelled her father to Internet superstardom as netizens around the world agreed that her 56-year-old dad is indeed a hunk.

hunky dad and daughter
Screenshot: @meturr

Not only does her page showcase her dad doing topless workouts, but also many wholesome father-daughter moments like partaking in dance challenges, or simply hanging out.

father-daughter momentScreenshot: @meturr

Just your average (hunky) dad who loves cats

After some research, we found out that this hunky dad’s name is Passavee Loputhai and that he is the managing director of a successful company in Thailand, Realty One Estate.

hunky dad and carMany sports cars can be seen on both Instagram and TikTok accounts.
Image credit: @im_passavee

He also owns an Instagram account and is now trying out TikTok with videos revealing his passions for cats and cars.

The video shows that he is a slave to cats.

Netizens thirst over TikTok dad

From the dad’s six-pack, athleticism and bubbly demeanour with his daughter, there’s no surprise as to why the netizens’ imaginations are running wild behind their screens.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @meturr

netizen comment
Screenshot: @meturr

Some netizens have called him a “daddy”.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @meturr

Translation: He prefers to be a single dad lol

While others are going as far as inquiring if the “stepmom” position is available.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @meturr

This netizen hilariously hopes the position of family pet could still be open.

Join the queue for household positions

If you’re interested in signing up for whether the stepmom or pet doggo – as one netizen stated – positions, then you better get in the really long queue of thirsty commenters.

If not, we hope that you find the inspiration in the fact that age can really be just a number – which in this case, happens to be a solid 10.

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Cover images adapted from: @im_passavee (Left), @meturr (Right)

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