The Air Khao Yai is a Moroccan-style villa 

Has the thought of traveling to Morocco ever popped up in your mind? The beautiful locale is famed for a rich culture and distinctive aesthetic, especially for those who’re die-hard fans of its ‘Hispano-Moorish style‘ architecture. Of course, it’s no walk in the park to get a ticket to fly over, since it’s a pretty long flight from Southeast Asia.

So if you’re not sure if you’ll dig a trip to the city or if it’s exactly your cup of tea, try visiting this mini Morocco in Thailand first for a teaser.

The Air Khao Yai is a colourful Moroccan-style villa that has a private pool on the rooftop to throw a party with your friends all while taking in the breathtaking views of surrounding mountains in Khao Yai.

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Moroccan-style resort in Khao Yai

Image credit: pintrip

When you first enter the resort, you’ll spot some delicate geometric patterns on the wall panels, double doors and floors showcasing its commitment to the traditional Moroccan theme.

Another thing that will surely capture every guest’s attention is the mid-sized swimming pool in the middle of the resort. The blue-toned tiles of the pool contrast well with the pink and marmalade colours of the buildings, making it eye-catching to guests as soon as they walk in.

Image credit: @pats_patchara

We love that when we get on the rooftop, we’ll also be privy to a 360° view of the many lofty mountains encircling the resort. During the day, these scenic views are bound to be invigorating for sure.

For those who enjoy casting your gaze across the horizon to admire the green mountains in the distance, you def shouldn’t miss this spot.

Image credit: @jajapicmmr

After checking into your villas, go back to the front of the resort and you’ll spot a tiny farm on the side. See how many sheep and goats you can count grazing in the pen. Don’t hesitate to get closer to snap a pic with them or even play with them for a few minutes.

Now that we’ve explored the outer amenities, we hope you’re ready to have a look inside their villas in the next subhead.

Lavish villas with royal beds and private pools

Image credit: Krisa-Nass DW

For bigger families, we’d recommend that you opt for this Morocco 2 Villa from ฿18,000 (~USD545)/night which can accommodate up to 16 people with a grand total of 4 humongous bedrooms.

If you need more context, each villa is a 2-storey house with a spacious rooftop. Each bedroom contains two king-sized beds and essential facilities like a smart TV, a private bathroom, a fridge and so on, all of which would explain its heftier price tag.

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After you’ve explored ALL the rooms thoroughly, take a peek at the rooftop and you’ll be greeted with a smol plunge pool with a LED signboard of the resort’s name glowing brightly behind it.

As soon as night falls, we’re sure you’d be tempted to your friends or family if they wanna throw a pool party.

Image credit: @kimbora_kookkai

For a smaller squads, check out the Morocco 1 Villa instead. For context, it has 3 bedrooms for 8 pax at ฿10,500 (~USD318)/night. This one doesn’t offer you a plunge pool as Morocco 2 does, but it still has a rooftop where guests can unwind during dinner while enjoying panoramic views of the resort.

Image credit: pintrip

Of course, since there’s no plunge pool on the rooftop of this particular villa, you’ll be wondering what other options you’ll have if you wanna swim. Fret not, the house provides you with a large private swimming pool in front of the house.

After having fun in the pool, feel free to continue with a BBQ party right next to it, with their provided dinner tables.

Image credit: @tatar_nattha

However, if you prefer a camping style vibe, our last pick would be the most affordable Moroccan Tent Villas from ฿2,200 (~USD66)/night that houses up to 2 guests. This definitely sounds the most ideal for a budget stay. For backpackers who are looking for a cosy villa without much frills, we’d recommend that you look into this option.

Getting to The Air Khao Yai

As the opportunity to travel to Morocco ourselves may be hard to come by, we love the commitment that this resort has towards creating a mini-version of the iconic city.

If you can’t find a chance to fly Morocco, we’d suggest you visit this place for teaser.

It’s pretty straightforward to get here, as the resort is based in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima; about a 3-hour drive from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. If you’ve been to this resort before, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below with us.

The Air Khao Yai
Address: 91 Mu Si, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Telephone: +66 6 4656 6165
The Air Khao Yai’s Facebook | Google Maps

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