Bangkok’s one-week winter

Bangkok has experienced its annual late winter miracle this week, as temperatures dropped to an average of 16°C. Unfortunately for winter-enthusiasts, this shivering bliss will only last until the end of the week, before Bangkok’s temperatures will slowly return to its usual average of 30°C.

While some people may let this chilly wonder slip by, we’ve gathered five ways for those who miss the cold to take advantage of this short-lived winter in Bangkok.

Open your windows

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to appreciate this weather is to open your windows and let the cool breeze flow in. With the average temperature outside at 16°C, relying on natural airflow gives your aircon – and electricity bill – a break. Serendipitously, this week’s PM2.5 level also happens to be relatively low, making air pollution less of a concern. 

Bangkok Skyline Cityscape
Bangkok morning from Mahanakorn building
Image credit: Siam2Night

Unpack your winter collections

Did Covid-19 leave your travelling clothes all webbed up and dusty? Did the Bangkok heat leave your fur-coat in a dark corner of your closet? This is the perfect time to bust out your winter wardrobe because the weather is on your side and the breeze requires insta-worthy fashion.

So tuck away your lucky t-shirt and put on your fancy coats and jackets. Instagram your best look for the world to witness how cool your winter could be.

Woman Instagram Winter
Image credit: Sista Cafe

Take a walk 

There is a saying among Bangkokians that Thailand is actually the closest planet to the sun. The city’s residents will do anything to evade its tremendous heat – some people avoid going to the park, or even walking along the streets for short distances.

chatuchak park bangkok
Chatuchak Park, Bangkok
Image credit: Post Today

However, walking on the same sidewalk during a cold winter is like a scene from a different movie. What was once a tiresome experience can now be viewed as a pleasant exercise. You can also try walking at a nearby park, where you can embrace the lush greenery and birds. 

Enjoy your favourite hot cup at an outdoor cafe

Many Thai people love outdoor cafes for 2 reasons: the drinks and Instagram factor. While you can certainly enjoy the drinks in any weather condition, the outdoor area always seems to be abandoned by most cafe-hoppers. Most people would just take their photos, then enjoy the rest of their drinks inside to avoid Bangkok’s heated weather.

gump's ari cafe
Gump’s Ari, a cafe hotspot area near BTS Ari
Image credit: Time Out

However, this week provides an ideal opportunity to appreciate the outdoor cafe scene. We recommend that you order your favourite hot cup as drinking hot beverages during cold weather is guaranteed to be mesmerising.

Just appreciate the moment

All in all, cold weather in Bangkok can be appreciated as a small – and rare – reward in life. We know that 2021 is facing a rough start, but there is still hope for better things to come. Like cold weather in Bangkok, what seems impossible can be possible someday. And we can appreciate all the things to come, like how we can appreciate this very moment.

Bangkok Skyline Cityscape sunset
Bangkok evening
Image credit: Kapook

However, do not forget to wear masks and practise social distancing when going outside. Wash your hands frequently and have a happy winter week.

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Featured image adapted from: Map Hua Hin

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