Visa extension until May 30

Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases and the closing of international borders, the Thai Immigration Bureau has granted a grace period to foreign tourists in Thailand. 

Immigration officers mentioned that there are still 100,000 – 150,000 tourists stranded in the country, and have offered them the chance to apply for a 60 day extension on their tourist visas until 30th May 2021.

Getting your visa extended

Authorities have announced that tourists can now apply to extend their visas at any of the immigration offices across Thailand, according to The Thaiger

For foreigners looking to extend their tourist visas, head over to the closest local immigration office in your area with the following:

Required documents for tourist visa extension application:

    • TM.7 Application form  
    • Proof of residency
    • Passport 
    • A copy of front and visa stamp pages of the passport
    • Photo 4 X 6 cm that was taken not longer than 6 months ago
    • ฿1,900 (~USD 63.55)

Required documents for tourists undergoing medical treatments:

    • TM.7 Application form 
    • Passport 
    • A copy of front and visa stamp pages of the passport
    • Letter of confirmation issued by a physician from the hospital providing treatment
    • ฿1,900 (~USD 63.55)

Thailand Announces 60-Day Grace Period
Example of TM.7 application form first page
Image credit: We drink at Travel

Tourists who have overstayed their visas can face severe consequences – large fines, possible deportation, jail time, or even bans from entering the country in the future.

Longest holiday in Thailand

Thailand’s always been a favourite tourist destination due to our lush forests and beautiful beaches. For those with the chance to stay here, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the cheap hotel rates while exploring the greenery and oceans – socially distanced, of course.

More on the effects of Covid-19 on Thailand’s tourism industry:  

Featured images adapted from: Your Krabi

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