Used Sanitary napkin to mark territory

Being possessive over your space and objects is a common tendency. Since we were kids, we’d make sure everyone knew that our favourite swing, or spot in the classroom was ours

However, it’s not common for people to use human discharge as a territory marker, which is what Ms. Nan, the owner of a shop in the Rat Burana area did. 

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Feud over a parking space 

To secure her spot in a communal lot of her building, Ms. Nan made a parking space marker: a clothesline with a used sanitary napkin hanging off of it. However, Ms. Orapin, who residents state is the sculptural artist’s “arch nemesis”, tends to park in Ms. Nan’s “designated” parking space.

Woman Throws Clothesline With Used Sanitary Napkin At Another Car To Defend Parking SpaceMs. Nan’s DIY parking marker
Image credit: Panida Thongmanee

On the evening of 26th April 2021, Ms. Orapin noticed Ms. Nan’s marker had a new addition to it, a sign that read, “you can eat it [referring to the sanitary napkin] if you’re hungry because you’re too old to be taken care of”. 

She decided to park in the space, anyway. 

However, she later found that the rack – complete with sanitary napkin and sign – was thrown onto her car, presumably by Ms. Nan; luckily, the car only displayed minor scratches from the sculpture. 

Woman Throws Clothesline With Used Sanitary Napkin At Another Car To Defend Parking Space
Image credit: Line Today

However, this isn’t the first time the parking spot feud escalated – earlier in April, both Ms. Oparin and Ms. Nan were called into the Police station for damaged property. Reports show that Ms. Nan smeared Ms. Orapin’s car with poop and Ms. Orapin responded by throwing a broken potted plant on the other party’s car, stated Coconuts Bangkok.

“Sharing is caring”

Just like marking your territory goes back to our childhood days, so does the phrase “sharing is caring”. From the case of these two, we can see that reluctance to share, or reach a compromise has led to avoidable conflict. 

Cover images adapted from: Line Today (Left), Panida Thongmanee (Right)

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