A big step for Thailand’s LGBTQ+ community 

Thai LGBTQ+ communityImages adapted from: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม 

With Thailand known as one of the most gay friendly countries in the world, the LGBTQ+ community is usually comfortable enough to express their personal gender identity in public. However, some matters are still seen as controversial issues, like uniform restrictions in school, universities, or at work. 

But here’s some good news just in time for pride month. The Thai governor in Chanthaburi province officially released a statement in regards to the rights of LGBTQ+ officers at the workplace. 

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A fight for gender equality

LGBTQ+ community in ThailandImage credit: ฉันชอบดูนางงาม

The Governor of Chanthaburi, Withurat Srinam, released an official document to promote gender equality in the workplace. This official announcement aims to eliminate injustice or any biases that arise due to one’s gender identity. 

The document mainly declares that state authorities have the freedom to dress according to their personal preferences. Work opportunities and promotions are depended on a worker’s performance and ability, not gender. 

Moreover, everybody in the organisation needs to learn and pay attention to words, expression, and appropriate manners both verbally and in written form to avoid sexual discrimination.

Hope for the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand 

This is considered to be the very first time a state agency has officially acknowledged the rights of the community and pushed rules to promote gender equality. 

This is not only good for all anyone to have the right to express their own identities, but also encourages making progress in their career without prejudice. 

Thai LGBTQ+ community
2019 pride parade in Pattaya 
Image credit: Pattaya Pride Rainbow Festival

We hope this will be implemented in other organizations both in Thailand and other countries too. 

This is a step in the right direction to help fight for the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand. Happy pride month!

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