Revamped tuk tuks 

Thai Electric Tuk Tuks amid COVID-19Image adapted from: MGR Motoring

Transportation services across the world have had to find new ways to adapt and improve services to ensure all passengers travel safely amid the pandemic, like bus seats with plastic curtains in Myanmar and free masks by Bangkok’s MRT system.  

Tuk tuks are an iconic part of Thailand’s transport system, and here’s how it is changing due to COVID-19.

An alternative choice for safer and more comfortable travels 

Thailand already has electric tuk tuks, but only for special occasions or events. Recently, the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand launched new versions of electric tuk tuks to suit the needs of people with the virus going around. 

Thai Electric Tuk Tuks With Plastic Partitions
Image credit:
สมาคมยานยนต์ไฟฟ้าไทย Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand – EVAT

These electric tuk tuks have plastic partitions separating the driver from passengers, and covers all sides of the car, making for a more comfortable ride. No more dealing with crazy winds. Plus, the partitions ensure minimal direct contact between those in the car.

Thai Electric Tuk Tuks
The electric engine is far quieter than the usual petrol ones
Image credit: The Thaiger

The company had yet to announce when the service will be offered to the public, and we hope that we can have a chance to try this new version very soon. 

Anyway, hopping on a traditional tuk tuk is still a must-try activity tourists shouldn’t miss when visiting Thailand in the near future. 

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