Thai YouTuber discovers Taksinus Bambus

Most people would freak out if they stumble across a tarantula.

But not only did this Thai YouTuber not panic, he actually made a groundbreaking discovery with it.

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Rare species of tarantulas discovered by Thai YouTuber

JoCho Sippawat, a famous Thai YouTuber, stumbled across a rare species of tarantula during his trekking trip in Tak province, Thailand.

Image credit: Jocho Sippawat

Upon realising that the animal is a rare critter, the wildlife YouTuber sent the photo of the discovered animal to Narin Comphuphuang, a researcher at Khonkaen University.

The researcher was surprised by his discovery and confirmed that the spider is a Taksinus Bambus, a bamboo-dwelling tarantula.

According to Sanook, JoCho’s discovery marks the first time in history that a new species of tarantula is discovered in Thailand and the first time in 104 years one is discovered in Asia.

บึ้งพระเจ้าตากสิน...!! สุดยอดการค้นพบในรอบ 104 ปี  [ โจโฉ ]
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บึ้งพระเจ้าตากสิน...!! สุดยอดการค้นพบในรอบ 104 ปี [ โจโฉ ]

His discovery was also uploaded as a video on his YouTube channel, JoCho Sippawat, which boasts over two million subscribers.

Netizens applaud the YouTuber for the discovery of a rare critter

After the story was shared by several media outlets, many netizens applauded the YouTuber for his discovery.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: I admire you. 

One netizen admired the YouTuber for his discovery and dedication to save wildlife.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: Great-quality content.

Another netizen praised the YouTuber for his content about wildlife.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: Recorded in the history.

One Facebook user amazed that the YouTuber’s discovery is a new world’s record.

Let’s save wildlife & make the world a sustainable place

We would like to congratulate the YouTuber for his groundbreaking discovery, as well as his commitment to saving wildlife in Thailand.

The world could certainly benefit from having more influencers like him.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Jocho Sippawat, Sanook

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