A nightmare turned dream come true

Thai Lottery

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A huge number of Thai locals like interpreting their dreams, with a majority believing that symbols in their dreams are signs passed on from generation to generation to buy winning numbers at the lottery. 

On 1st August 2019, Kamolwan Supeedaen, a kitchen officer working in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya hospital, won the 1st prize in the lottery, receiving a whopping ฿12 million

This story might just be a tutorial for you on how to unexpectedly become a millionaire. 

Bought her ticket after dreaming of floating corpses

Supeedaen explained how she chose her lottery numbers based on the dream she had. After having spooky visions of a flood and floating corpses on the water, she felt that it was a sign for her to visit the lottery. The 52-year-old dropped by a lottery vendor while on the way to work and then bought the numbers based on her intuition. 

Thai Lottery

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Shortly after, she found out she had won the lottery when she overheard someone talking about the 1st prize numbers in public. Supeedaen mentioned that she’ll be allocating her winnings for her family, and most importantly, that she wasn’t going to quit her job as she loves working a lot.

Interpreting dreams in Thailand

While this sounds crazy, dream interpretation is common in Asian culture. It is also normal for Thai locals to get lottery numbers by, literally, following their dreams. 

For example, some believe that finding a tree wrapped in holy fabric is a good sign, leading them to “scratch” the tree in hopes to find anything that resembles numbers under the bark. 

Thai Lottery

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Aside from possible winning numbers, here are other ways locals interpret symbols from dreams: 

  • Being wrapped by a snake: You will meet your soulmate soon
  • Losing your shoes: Hardships are coming
  • Having your hair cut: Your life will be better
  • Getting married: You will face bad things but things will get better after that.
  • Losing your teeth: Bad things will happen to your family members

Of course, only take such interpretations with a pinch of salt. But who knows, your next dream might just be a sign that you’re a millionaire in the making!