Thai woman prays for a good husband

In Thai culture, we believe that the holy entities can help make our wishes come true.

Once our wishes are fulfilled, we have to repay them with offerings, such as performing a Thai traditional folk dance in exchange.

While the holy entities help most people find fulfillment in their wishes, they sometimes also offer plot twists that work out in the individual’s favour.

To exemplify, here’s the story of a Thai woman in Udon Thani who prayed for a good husband, but won the lottery worth ~฿100K (~USD3,007) instead.

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Woman performs Thai traditional folk dance after winning the lottery

On 27th January 2022, the story of a Thai woman named “Great” who performed a Thai traditional folk dance at Wat Kham Chanot in Udon Thani became talk of the town among Thai netizens.

Image credit: Sanook

The story was shared as a post by several media outlets such as Sanook and Amarin News following the woman’s traditional folk dance performance in front of the statues of Grandpa Naga Pu Si Suttho and Grandma Naga Si Pathumma, mythical Naga legends highly revered by locals.

Image credit: Sanook

When asked why she performed the dance, Great revealed to the press that she had just won the lottery worth ~฿100K (~USD3,007), according to Amarin TV.

Image credit: Amarin TV

Despite praying for the good husband at first, Great still believed that the holy entities had brought her the good fortune by helping her win the lotto.

She then visited the temple to perform the traditional folk dance for the holy entities as a reward for bringing her good luck.

Netizens think the holy Nagas made the right choice

After the story went viral, with more than 6K likes, netizens who came across the story shared their thoughts in the comments section that the holy Nagas had made the right choice in bringing the woman the winning lottery numbers.

Screenshot: Amarin News

Translation: She’s beautiful and has a lot of money. Now, many men will come into her life, and one of them can be her soul mate.

One netizen commented that the woman is likely to meet a good husband.

Screenshot: Amarin News

Translation: Take the money, not the husband.

Another netizen suggested the woman to get rich rather than to have a husband.

Screenshot: Amarin News

Translation: Sathu. (Amen)

One Facebook user showed her respect for the holiness of the entities.

Let’s head over to Wat Kham Chanot

We would like to congratulate the woman for winning the lottery and hope that she will find a good partner – as she wished for – in the future.

With this amazing story, we suggest heading over to Wat Kham Chanot to pray for what we desire with the revered Naga statues.

Perhaps you may be the lucky lottery winner in the next month.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Sanook, Sanook

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