Thai woman attends ex’s wedding

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from sitcoms, it’s that marriage isn’t always the all-white and flowery affair that little girls dream of. While two people enter into a union with the best intentions, a myriad of factors can place strain on a marriage – sometimes causing it to end. 

In the case of Ms. Nipaphan and her spouse, their 16 year marriage apparently ended when her husband married the woman he had a year-long affair with. However, the mother of two attended her ex husband’s wedding with a valid marriage license proving that their marriage isn’t legally over and she hasn’t been compensated for her trouble.

Lawfully wedded wife 

On 18th February, Sanook posted a livestream of Ms. Nipaphan’s attending her ex husband’s wedding with her face blurred out. The 33 year old woman’s decision to attend the wedding was to strengthen her legal case against him for emotional distress caused by adultery, as reported by Thairath.

thai woman shows up at wedding with certificateImage credit: Thairath

The video starts with her presenting the evidence, her marriage license with the groom, and then setting the scene: Ms. Nipaphan arrived just in time for the pook khor mue ceremony. Pook khor mue translates to ‘wrist tying’, the ritual is done to represent the bride and groom being ‘bound’ to each other.

She says “I’m not sure how this is happening; our marriage is still legally valid”. 

Upon seeing his lawfully wedded wife, Ms. Nipaphan’s husband pauses the ritual and states, “You are not invited”. 

Opposing parties

thai woman shows up at wedding with certificate

Image credit: Naewna

Translation: I apologise to everyone, I am solely responsible for this. 

Following the incident, Ms. Nipaphan’s husband posted a status apologising to the public. 

According to Thairath, Ms. Nipaphan will continue legal proceedings against her ex-husband’s new wife for emotional distress caused by adultery. 

Another party under fire is the original poster (OP) of the clip; Sanook reported that OP stated they “have no safety in this life as some people are violently threatening me to take down the video.”

Safety and empathy first 

Netizens were quick to place the blame on either party for the incident, and OP was even threatened. As third party observers, it’s easy for us to deem who’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in a situation – it’s important to note that we aren’t aware of all the circumstances. 

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