Thai wife recruits 3 mistresses for her husband 

In general, having a side bae is always a big deal in every couple. We have seen many guys – and gals – get into fights with their partners due to cheating allegations. Nonetheless, this story about a consensual open relationship may just change your mind about this.

A Thai wife was recently spotted recruiting three mistresses for her husband. Each mistress will be paid a salary of USD416/month (฿15,000) and applicants should hold at least a high school degree or a bachelor’s degree. Keep reading to find out how this interesting recruitment unfolded.

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Thai wife releases a video looking for 3 mistresses for her husband

Image credit: Komkhaotuathai

On 2nd August 2022, a woman allegedly uploaded a TikTok video saying that she was hiring three mistresses for her husband with a salary of USD416 or ฿15,000 per month.

She also stated that a high school degree was a must because she needed them to be able to understand things well, and they had to be willing to help her with the domestic chores, according to Sanook.

Image credit: Bangkokbiznews

When asked for the reason, she expressed that she had health problems and depression, so she couldn’t take good care of her husband. Consequently, she looked for mistresses to help her husband live happily. In addition, she also expressed her wish for them to become her companions and friends as well. Lastly, the OP specified that she preferred applicants who were “not ugly” and had an age gap many years apart from her as her husband was quite good-looking, reported Sanook.

However, there were some people who disagreed with what she did and said that it’s not righteous.

All positions are finally filled

Screenshot: @natpattheema789

After her initial recruitment video, she later released another clip saying that the application was closed and hoped that the netizens who were unhappy with her former video would understand her.

Netizens express sympathy and congratulate her

Though reactions were varied, many netizens complimented her on her generosity when it came to the notion of sharing her spouse with other women.

Screenshot: @natpattheema789

Translation: Congratulations!

One TikTok user expressed their well wishes in the form of “congratulations” in the comment.

Screenshot: @natpattheema789

Translation: You’re so generous.

Another user complimented her on her generosity, in a comment loaded with emojis.

Screenshot: @natpattheema789

Translation: I understand what you did. Everyone has their own reasons.

One woman also left a comment to show her understanding towards her decision.

Screenshot: @natpattheema789

Translation: Oh no. I was too late. Disappointed.

Another user jokingly said she was disappointed that she didn’t apply in time.

Five could be better than two

Honestly, this could be a pretty unbelievable story for many people, including us, because we never thought that anyone would be generous enough to allow other parties into a monogamous relationship.

Undoubtedly, some people may still disagree with her actions, but we believe that she thought it through thoroughly and chose what’s good for her family.

Of course, sometimes people do things to satisfy their partners even though those things might be pretty off the wall. Would you do the same for your partner, if they asked? We’d love to hear you share your opinions on this story with us in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Bangkokbiznews

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