‘Vagrant’ turns out be a wealthy businessman

First impressions matter, which is why people dress to impress. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true because when people who wear worn-out clothes, they are judged to be poor or unemployed—even if it’s not the case.

Take this Thai uncle, for example, who was captured in a TikTok video dressed shabbily. People assumed he was a vagrant, but he actually owns businesses and is also reportedly the richest man in the village.

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Thai uncle who dressed shabbily turns out to be a rich man

Image credit: @sutattakwan

On 3rd August 2022, a TikTok video of an uncle wearing tattered clothes went viral on social media as the man is reportedly a well-off business owner.

Image credit: @sutattakwan

As reported on Thainewsonline, after the video went viral, many netizens flocked to comment on the T-shirt the uncle was wearing. One TikTok user said the T-shirt is very expensive as it reportedly costs around ฿40,000 (~USD1,118).

Netizens comment on the T-shirt that the uncle was wearing in the video

Many netizens were surprised because the T-shirt the uncle was wearing has an exorbitant price tag. And they identified it by the rock band logo printed on the shirt.

Image credit: @sutattakwan

Translation: The vintage tee [he’s wearing] is like ฿40,000. 

One TikTok user claimed that the T-shirt costs ฿40,000.

Image credit: @sutattakwan

Translation: His T-shirt is vintage. A7x—we like the same band. LOL

Another user said that the uncle, like them, is a fan of the rock band, Avenged Sevenfold, whose logo was printed on the T-shirt.

Image credit: @sutattakwan

Translation: It’s a style.

Another person who commented on the video said that the uncle chose to dress in this manner because it’s a style.

Image credit: @sutattakwan

Translation: So no one will borrow money from him. Hahaha

Someone else even joked that the uncle dresses like that because he doesn’t want people to borrow money from him.

Shabbily dressed Thai uncle mistaken for a vagrant

As the English idiom goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Because sometimes, you can form wrong opinions about others before getting to know them. Judging someone negatively can also spell trouble for the relationship, so let’s take time to get to know someone better instead of making assumptions based on our first impression.

Cover image adapted from: @sutattakwan, @sutattakwan and @sutattakwan

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