Thai traffic policeman lends ฿100 to stranger

Since we’re all living in the same society, we’ll encounter instances when we need to help each other out.

Regardless of the local police’s reputation among locals, some have been known for being generous and lending a hand to citizens when they are in difficult situations.

In this case, today’s story is about a Thai traffic policeman who lent ฿100 to a stranger for petrol in the middle of the road.

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Man’s car runs out of petrol

In a viral TikTok video posted by @narongsak3333, a driver is heard asking a traffic policeman if he could borrow some money to pay for his petrol. As proof, he then showed the officer that his tank that was running on empty.

Screenshot: narongsak333

Without further explanation, the officer lent him ฿100, so the OP was able to get the gas he needed.

Although the kind deed was done, the policeman went one step further with his assistance.

Policeman worries driver can’t go far with the little petrol left

When interviewed later on, instead of worrying about getting his money back, the same policeman expressed his concern about the driver and whether he had made it to his destination on the little petrol left in his tank.

Screenshot: narongsak333

He said to the press that the man could give him back his money whenever he’s ready or willing to, reports KomChadLuekOnline.

We’re heartened by the officer’s generosity, but what did netizens think of this story?

Netizens praise the officer for his generosity

Many Thai netizens chimed in in the comments section to praise the police officer for his generosity.

Screenshot: narongsak3333

Translation: What a lovely officer!

This TikTok user called the gesture – and by extension, the policeman – lovely.

Screenshot: narongsak3333

Translation: This policeman should be praised for what he did for a citizen.

This comment said the officer deserved praise for helping a citizen in need.

Screenshot: narongsak3333

Translation: This guy extorted money from the police officer. LOL

Other users had more humorous approaches. This particular netizen noticed that the driver had technically ‘extorted’ money from the officer.

A small sum can go a long way

In the end, the policeman’s generosity saved the driver from running out of petrol in the middle of the road. The fact that he went the extra mile and made a difference, proves that all of us can do the same.

As we live in a society, helping others is essential in our daily lives. If all of us can live by the same principles as this officer, society would be a better place for sure.

Cover image adapted from: narongsak3333

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