Taxi ride plus gifts

Recently going viral is another story about the highlights in our everyday life.

While most taxis go unnoticed, this special Thai taxi driver has gone viral on the internet for giving rides that come with a plethora of gifts. Netizens are also impressed with the driver’s service.

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Taxi driver with a big heart

Impressed with the whip’s top-notch setup, Facebook user Tatchatan Teerabawonwi shared pictures inside the taxi that was bound to make anyone stop scrolling. The car is packed with complimentary gifts including snacks, drinks, masks, bags and even raincoats in a you-pick layout.

taxi ride plus gifts
Image credit: Tatchatan Teerabawonwit

While the free gifts were enough to spawn likes, the netizens are more impressed about the driver’s heartfelt notion that giving away these small gifts doesn’t trouble him as knowing the recipient appreciates it gives him something to smile about each day. Words like this always sound extra sweet when it comes from a Khun Lung Jai Dee or “kind uncle”.

The post also mentioned that the taxi driver probably gets a lot of regular customers since there were name cards left around for the customers to take.

name card
Image credit: Tatchatan Teerabawonwit

This does not come as a surprise as the driver was described as delivering top-notch service, always making sure his customers are comfortable and driving in a safe manner, as reported by Matichon.

Netizens are asking for more details and saving his number as they become interested in using his service – which includes a flat rate trip – to support this one caring driver.

Keep an eye out

taxi license number
Image credit: Tatchatan Teerabawonwit

The taxi uncle is known to drive around Ratchada and Lat Phrao roads, so keep an eye out for the license number in case you do get a chance to ride in his car.

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Cover images adapted from: Tatchatan Teerabawonwit

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