Thai student draws QR code on exam & submits it to the teacher

Back to high school, we’ve all gone through moments while sitting for an exam when our minds went blank. To cope, some of us resort to writing nonsense sentences or drawing funny stuff on the exam papers to kill time, and that’s exactly what a Thai student did in this hilarious story.

A male student in Thailand recently went viral for drawing a made-up QR code on his exam script before submitting it to the teacher. Of course, the code wasn’t actually scannable – but when asked why he drew it, he explained that his mind had gone blank during the exam.

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Thai male student submits his exam script with a QR code drawing

Image credit: Matichon

On 26th July 2022, a Thai teacher reportedly delivered a physics exam she had set to her students. After they had all submitted their exam scripts, she managed to find time to mark them. While she was marking the papers, however, she found a script with a drawing of a made-up QR code along with a cryptic caption, ‘Scan to see answers‘.

The teacher then tried scanning the QR code, but it unfortunately did not work, according to Onenews.

Image credit: Matichon

Burning with curiosity, the teacher levelled a question back at the student as to why he drew the code. He answered that as he didn’t know what answers to write down on his exam paper, he ended up drawing a QR code because he didn’t want to leave a lot of blank space on the paper.

A drawing is better than a blank space

Submitting exam scripts with blank spaces can seem inappropriate to most students. Instead, they may be tempted to write whatever comes to mind at that time on the papers. We think this particular student def deserves top marks for creativity for his witty solution.

Looking back at those times that we did something similar in school, this story is definitely pretty funny and relatable. What are some of your best memories of coping with exams back in high school? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Matichon

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