Thai farmer sells fresh rats

Tom Yum soup or Pad Thai are some of the most well-known dishes from Thailand. However, little do some people know, rat meat is also a delicacy in the country’s Northeastern regions. There’s a high demand for the rodents there.

To meet the demand, Mr. Chalermphon Saothong founded a rat breeding operation in the Surin province of Isaan.

Here’s how he and his team manage to make a living buying and selling what most people consider as “pests”. 

Thais farming critters:

Buys, resells, and breed rats

A kilogramme of fresh rats from Mr. Saothong’s Khok Thakian Farm starts at ฿150 (~USD5) and KG of slaughtered rats cost ฿250 (~USD8). Due to the meat’s popularity, the farm receives no less than 300 KG orders each month.

In order to supply his rat breeding operation, the team and him buy rats from other locals for ฿50 (~USD5) per rat. 

Thai Rat Breeder Makes ~$1,400 A Month Buying & Selling Rats To Locals To Use In Their CookingRat breeding team
Screenshot: Naewna

A loyal customer, Ms. Sawanapa Puemmee, shared that the products are affordable and of high quality. She said she enjoys eating consuming them with her family

Thai Rat Breeder Makes ~$1,400 A Month Buying & Selling Rats To Locals To Use In Their CookingOne of the bred rats from the farm
Screenshot: Naewna

Khok Thakian farm has a team of 30 to manage daily operations. Chairman Saothong still works as a Human Resource Officer at the Surin provincial government, according to Naewna.

Do you want to try rat meat?

There are countless delicacies all over the world. While rat meat may seem unusual, the fact that many locals find it delicious could be a signal that you should try it. Do you dare try?

If you have already tried this, share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Cover images adapted from: Naewna (Both Images)

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