Rise in Covid-19 cases alarm government officials 

In March 2020, the Royal Thai Government implemented an Emergency Decree that asked people to stay at home, prevented foreigners from entering the country, and restricted public gatherings.

The recent rise in Covid-19 cases has caused 4 provinces across the Kingdom to reimpose lockdown measures.

4 Thai provinces go into lockdown

  1. Samut Sakhon (Lockdown 19th December 2020 – 3rd January 2021)

Places that are completely off limits

  • Central Shrimp Market
  • Sri Muaeng Dormitory 

Temporarily closed

  • Sports centres
  • Boxing Stadiums
  • Playgrounds
  • Education Institutes
  • Orphanages

F&B venues are still operating but only for delivery and take home services, whilst convenient shops operate from 10PM – 5AM.

  1. Samut Songkram (Lockdown 23rd December 2020 – 4 January 2021) 

 Temporarily closed

  • Education institutes
  • Spas & Massages
  • Flea markets   
  • Entertainment venues
  • Cock fight stadiums
  • Cinemas           

      Fresh markets and F&B venues are permitted to operate normally.                

  1. Samut Prakan (Lockdown 23rd December 2020 – 4th January 2021)

Temporarily closed

  • Education Institutes
  • Schools for the elderly (Pra Samut Jedi & Pra Phra Daeng Districts)

Entertainment venues are only allowed to serve dine-in meals and prohibit alcohol and dance shows for New Years.

  1. Chiang Mai (No dates announced for lockdown yet)

Travel bans within these 3 districts for local residents

  • Tathon District
  • Malika District
  • Mae Ai District

Potential lockdown raises concern for the economy 

4Provinces-Lockdown-Bang La RoadImage credit: Bangkok Post

Popular tourist destinations had been expecting to generate some income from the upcoming holiday season. However, the latest outbreak has  government officials considering another mass lockdown.

Thailand asks people to stay home

It’s very important to stay socially responsible and reduce the spread of the virus, so the country’s people and economy can rejuvenate

The holidays aren’t necessarily about where you spend them, but more about who you spend them with. Staying safe at home with your loved ones actually sounds really nice. 

Featured image adapted from: Indochina Tour

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